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Mai 12

Daylight Music - Geek Night Out: Cherry White + Tricity Vogue + The Bohemianauts (duo)

Com Cherry White, The Bohemianauts e Tricity Vogue em Union Chapel


Sábado 12 de Maio de 2012 às 12h00m


Union Chapel
Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN, United Kingdom

Tel: +44.(0)20 7226 1686


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Daylight Music is a dazzling idea presented by the Union Chapel to open up their amazing gothic venue to a shiny new daytime crowd and provide a rather exciting platform for artists. Produced by Arctic Circle.

FREE ENTRY midday - till 2.00pm

Geek Night Out is night of comedy with a geek twist: all the acts are encouraged to be funny on the subject of their favourite geeky passion.

Cherry White

Cherry White is a pop/rock band that bloomed from a dusty blues night in central London. Founding members Russell Jones and Charlotte Jo Hanbury worked on some new song ideas, as well as cover versions of old classics, before being joined by bassist Ralph Beeby and drummer Felipe Drago. With the line-up complete, the band started working in earnest developing a sound and working on original songs.

After playing countless gigs at various London venues (both auspicious and slightly less auspicious), and having a live session on BBC radio, they have produced an EP. A collection of 5 of the first Cherry White songs conceived, The EP was released in March 2012.


Tricity Vogue

Charming, offbeat musical cabaret from a vintage songstress with a repertoire of surprising tunes and a colourful history of romantic misadventure.

Tricity Vogue presents her own blend of slink and sass - the music she likes to call "cheeky jazz". Think Peggy Lee after a few too many cocktails.

“A very special talent.” Time Out London


The Bohemianauts

accordion-led band consisting of demi-monde decadance and cabaret carnavalism. Polka, Tango, and Gypsy Swing with songs about vodka, David Icke, the end of the world and unrequited dread.


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