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Mai 4


Com Blonde Redhead no UNIQLO-AX


Sexta-feira 4 de Maio de 2012 às 20h00m


20 Gucheonmyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 143-807, Korea, Republic of

Tel: +82 2-457-5114


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“Atmospheric, dream-induced-electro-indie-pop.” -FILTER

”they achieve something so simple and composed and impossible to duplicate” – The FADER
“An icy masterclass in how synths should sound.” -NME

“building and beautiful, their sparse, even minimal, approach lends a complexity that’s both rich and rewarding in both its inspiration and execution…seamless and polished, unhurried and regularly wonderful, Blonde Redhead are sparkling with a new-found black beauty.” -BBC Music

Blonde Redhead formed in 1994 after a chance meeting in New York between Japanese siren Kazu Makino and Milanese twin brothers, Amedeo and Simone Pace. Taking their name from a song by fellow New York no wave artists DNA, New York was to prove key to the band’s initial experimentations. Forging a sound reflective of the city’s rich musical legacy, the early years of Blonde Redhead were very much haunted by the squalling underground scene that has forever pulsed throughout the city.

The release of Fake Can Be Just As Good with Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto in 1997 and its sequel, In An Expression Of The Inexpressible, offered gradual refinements of their artful chaos, but it wasn’t until the band’s swansong for Touch And Go, 2000′s Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons, that a turning point was reached. The tumult and discord of their earlier records was pared back, emphasis instead placed on the windswept, minor-key melodies that have since come to be the defining trait of the band. Not long after signing to 4AD on a worldwide deal in 2004, Kazu suffered a near-fatal horse riding accident, which understandably was to color, both visually and lyrically, their debut for the label, Misery Is A Butterfly. Four years later, they returned with their most commercially successful album to date, 23. Testament to the band’s ability to reinvent who they are without losing any of their emotional resonance, the record is a lucid reflection of Blonde Redhead’s will to connect with its audience in striking and affecting ways. Made with the intent to achieve more clarity than what preceded it, the band openly acknowledged that it wasn’t until they reached the mixing stage that they knew what shape the record was to take. They had little to worry about, as 23 was received to near universal praise. 2010 has brought the release of Penny Sparkle, another sonic twist in their adventurous canon. Ultimately , leading to the band being successfully lured into South Korea by SuperColorSuper for the first time ever.

❇❇❇❇ OPENING- ❇❇❇❇
More TBA

❇❇❇❇ TICKETS ❇❇❇❇
Earlybird 55,000W Advance 67,000W Door 75,000W
Earlybird tickets on sale March 2nd, 10PM (limited to 400)
조기예매 3월2일 오후10시 시작 (400장 한정)

(Blonde Redhead 예매하신 분들에 한해 No Age 티켓을 할인가에 드립니다)
Blonde Redhead Ticket holders can also get a discount on NO AGE tickets!

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