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Mar 31

Gunning For Tamar in Nottingham!

Com Gunning For Tamar, BLOODY MAMMALS e 2 outros artistas em The Chameleon Arts Cafe


Sábado 31 de Março de 2012 às 19h30m


The Chameleon Arts Cafe
17 Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL, United Kingdom

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Gunning for Tamar

Excellent melodic post hardcore from Oxford, huge hooks and beautiful, incricate and interwoven instrumentation. Their new EP 'Time Trophies' is being released on a wristwatch (yes, you heard right) via the rad Alcopop! Records.

"Tight and technically proficient but also intuitive enough to keep things sounds organic..." - Artrocker Magazine


Without Maps

DF faves, Without Maps consistently deliver the kind of jerky rock head nodders that will delight fans of Pretty Girls Make Graves, At The Drive-In and Drive Like Jehu. Latest single 'JCVD' is a corker, go check it out NOW.


Raucous punk rock from Nottingham. Think Hot Snakes / a heavier Q and Not U - raw and unhinged goodness!


Bloody Mammals

Bloody Mammals is a rock band from SW London that features up to and including: Forty fingers, eight legs, four voices, two guitars, one bass and one drum kit. Loud and energetic, FFO Jawbox, Hot Snakes, Bear VS Shark and Fugazi.

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