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Sábado 28 de Abril de 2012 às 21h00m


Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, 5, Esch-sur-Alzette, L-4361, Luxembourg

Tel: (+352) 24 555 1


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French electronic music label Ed Banger Records is sending five of its finest DJs to the Rockhal on 28 April 2012 for a night of beats and hard dancing. For the fifth edition of the 24 Heures Electroniques, Busy P will be performing with the support of some of his label's brightest talents: Breakbot, Feadz, Krazy Baldhead and Victor Aime. Get ready for a night of dirty techno, epic breakdowns and intelligent hard electro.

In the history of dance music, there are very few labels that have generated as much noise as Pedro Winter's Ed Banger Records. From global superstars Justice, to electro pop siren Uffie, and maverick audio butchers SebastiAn and Mr Oizo, there's no denying that the Parisian imprint has redefined the sound and image of modern electronic music. The Parisian Pedro Winter alias BUSY P used to manage Daft Punk, before he started his own label Ed Banger Records in 2003. With a mix of hip hop, pop, electro, disco and rock, he was putting relentless fun and a barrel of laughs into the global club music scene. At the same time, Pedro has kept his creativity as a DJ, producer and remixer.

Thibaut Berland known as BREAKBOT initially made a name for himself in 2006 with a remix of Justice's "Let There Be Light". Breakbot is basically like Justice if they would write songs about the beach, summertime and pool parties. He won acclaim throughout the world by providing his unique Parisian touch to material of Digitalism, Metronomy and many more.

UK producer/remixer MICKEY MOONLIGHT is releasing his debut album “The Time Axis Manipulation Corporation” on Ed Banger. Known for his remix work with artists including Justice, this will mark his first official album release and there really isn't anything quite like it. Described as "Science-Fiction Exotica" by the artist himself, the album is full of discrete and subtle details with songs sounding a bit disco, others touching on irreverent folk, and another sounding more pysch-pop. His music encourages relaxation and limitless imagination.

A dirty groove and some abstract beats further permitted Krazy Baldhead KRAZY BALDHEAD to make his mark within Ed Banger. There is blues in his music, but there is above all that liberty his ten years of jazz gave him. Krazy Baldhead is not a DJ! He plays live, often hidden behind his laptop highlighted by a VJ.

In less than 2 years, VICTOR AIME has become a proper character of the Parisian nightlife where he created the "We Are Underage" parties. Now he is touring all around the world for special events like the Fashion Vogue Nights Out or the Cannes Films Festival.

Anyone of those names is big enough to headline a night, so having all of the five together on 28 April 2012 in one evening, is going to be one history making and awesome event you won't forget!

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