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Dez 3

The 1st Annual Brighton Christmas Covers Party!

Com The Bobby McGee's, Christmas At Poundland e 5 outros artistas em Green Door Store


Sábado 3 de Dezembro de 2011 às 18h30m


Green Door Store
Trafalgar Arches, Lower Goods Yard, Brighton Train Station, Brighton, BN1 4FQ, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7894 267053


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Welcome one and all to the greatest Christmas party of all time!

A tradition for nearly a decade in Nottingham and London, now Brighton finally gets its first Christmas Covers Party. If you’ve been before you know what to expect, If it’s you first time then prepare yourself for calamity, hilarity, snow, a drunk Father Christmas, presents and some great music...

This is how it works: Lots of bands play lots of covers whilst we get drunk, dance around and shout at them. Sounds suspiciously simple doesn't it? Almost too simple…


1) It's free entry! (Although we will be taking voluntary donations towards Shelter)
2) It's an early show with no headliners, so get down for 7.30pm or you'll miss it.
3) Making Heaven a Place on Earth for your entertainment will be:

>The Bobby McGees
>Christmas At Poundland
>Jackson and the Kingkickers
>The Bizarresters
>I can Tina Turner (Supergroup! Including members of Kinema, Seachange, Escapologists and Knall Scharf)
>Throbbing Tinsel
>The Grave Architect
>Plus Another Sunny Day DJs!

Whoa, hang on a minute, that's 7 bands playing in under 3 hours! What’s this all about then?

A decade ago Nottingham promoters Whycan'twejustallgetalong? decided to get all their friends’ bands to play at a Christmas party. Because there were a lot of them, and to make it a bit more interesting, they asked the bands to only play cover versions and to limit their sets to 3 songs. They christened it “The Christmas Covers Party”. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? There are no headliners - the music has a gradual gradient from 'less party earlier to more party later' – and the bands don't tell anyone what they are going to play. Over the years all sorts of red herrings have been planted to throw covers detectives off track. Every year someone suggests doing "Do they know it’s Christmas?". No one has attempted it. Yet.

The night is now firmly established in London and Nottingham, The Nottingham night is run by the wonderful Damn You! on 17th December - if you live in the midlands then get yourself there!


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