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Mar 20

Boris (Japan) Plays Perth

Com Boris, Drowning Horse e Tangled Thoughts of Leaving em The Bakery


Terça-feira 20 de Março de 2012 às 20h00m


The Bakery
233 James St, Northbridge, 6003, Australia

Tel: 08 9227 6288


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http://lifeisnoise.com/ by arrangement with Artist Voice present:

BORIS (Japan)
With special guests Drowning Horse and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
Tuesday, March 20
The Bakery - 233 James Street, Northbridge

Boris can flatten a club with their firepower, and their trippy, delicate side never dulls their strength - it’s part of it. Godzilla would be proud.
– Spin

Bone-shakingly loud Japanese outfit Boris take their eclectic, heavy, stunningly unique sound to the Bakery on Tuesday, March 20.

Trying to describe the band to a new listener is no easy feat, with Boris perhaps being best defined by their inability to be pigeonholed. With nearly 20 studio albums in the last 15 years, not to mention EPs and collaborative records, the band have drawn from everything from metal, noise and stoner rock. Collaborations with Sun O))) and Merzbow have cemented their reputation for iconoclasm, for building “a legacy of expansive, new, heavy music where no form is too sacred to break” (Pitchfork).

Boris expertly walk the line between the serious and the deliberately overblown. The band feature a gong and double guitars, so it’s no surprise that “one of Boris' defining features is their subtly self-referential, self-mythologising nature” (The Quietus).

In their typically prolific style, Boris have released three records this year – Heavy Rocks, Attention Please and the upcoming New Album, garnering critical praise and whetting our appetite for what promises to be a stunning night of music.

Supports come from the awe-inspiring Drowning Horse and the amazing Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Tickets on sale from lifeisnoise.com, Now Baking, Heatseeker, 78 Records, Mills and Planet for $42+bf.

For more information, please contact:
Dave Cutbush - dave@lifeisnoise.com or
Rachel Davison - rachel@lifeisnoise.com
Phone: 9271 9015

Life Is Noise: http://lifeisnoise.com/
Boris’ http://www.borisheavyrocks.com/
Boris’ https://www.facebook.com/borisheavyrocks
Boris – “Frenetic Flare” from New Album free download - http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/free-download-boris-frenetic-flare-20111114
Boris – “Statement” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2BQVmE0Plk&feature=youtu.be

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