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Out 26

3 Guitar Heroes

Com Uli Jon Roth, Leslie West e Michael Schenker em Pabst Theater


Quarta-feira 26 de Outubro de 2011 às 19h00m


Pabst Theater
144 E. Wells St., Milwaukee, 53202, United States

Tel: (414) 286-3663


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Michael Schenker (UFO / Scorpions), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions / Sky Academy) and Leslie West (Mountain / West, Bruce & Laing) are teaming up for a national tour that is sure to send a tingle down the neck of every guitar-music fan. The show will include individual sets by each of the virtuosos and culminate with a not to be missed collaborative jam featuring all three axemen. Special guests are said to appear on most dates of the tour!

The inaugural tour of 3 Guitar Heroes (featuring Schenker, Roth & West) brings more than a century of combined notoriety to the stage. Each is a star in his own right, with decades of accomplishments covering the annals of rock music.
Michael Schenker was a founding member of The Scorpions, anchor of UFO during their most prominent years, and leader of the group carrying his own name, Schenker is an icon;
Uli Jon Roth has been a trendsetter throughout his career and always ahead of his time. While with The Scorpions, G3 or composing and performing symphonies, Roth is a unique talent;
And, last but definitely NOT least; Leslie West is perhaps the most revered guitarist to perform and record over a career stretching five decades from The Vagrants, to Mountain, and on through West, Bruce & Laing and a thriving solo career. His style and sound is one of a kind, with a feel that is legendary. Lore has it that Hendrix himself once asked Tommy Ramone, “Am I better than Leslie West?” Together, an evening that will be remembered for the ages.

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