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Sábado 1 de Outubro de 2011 às 19h30m


The Miller
96 Snowsfields Road, London, SE1 3SS, United Kingdom


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This is the one for fans of balls out rock fury, with twinges of punk, funk and jazzy goodness to boot!

If you haven't seen these guys yet, then why not? With solid riffs, tight rhythms and riproaring vocals, this is how you make old school rock 'n' roll original again. Once you've seen them, you'll know just why they have such a huge loyal following, why people keep buying their album High Roller and why we're having them back for the third time this year. Enjoy.

It's been almost a year since we've seen this crazy trio last year at The Jazz Market (if you've ever been then you'll have heard them being played between the bands). Crazy trippy rock, progressive jazz, groove metal and a hearty dose of funk make up (as this crazy trio puts it) the new genre of 'meat rock / burger music'. Bring your own burger.

Remember when we first started out and all of our gigs were held in Shoreditch? https://www.facebook.com/e​vent.php?eid=212806676876
We are over the moon about having one of the first Chaos Theory bands join us again with their high octane rock and roll, compelled by the power of the riff. Everything you expect from a truly great rock band.

Energetic band who produce catchy psychedelic rock with penetrating Robert Plant-esque vocals. Encapsulating the good side of that partially lost Mancunian sound, this is a band that does it right.

Sexy rock 'n' roll packed with raw vocals. With great hooks and a punky trashy feel, it just wouldn't be a party without this female fronted rock band.

Links to bands can be found at http://www.chaostheorymusi​c.co.uk/the-facemelter

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