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Jan 27

A Night in the Haunted Dancehall

Com Bass Clef, King Midas Sound e 2 outros artistas em Bishopsgate Institute


Sexta-feira 27 de Janeiro de 2012 às 19h00m


Bishopsgate Institute
230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH, United Kingdom


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A Night in the Haunted Dancehall

This performance was set to feature King Midas Sound as the headlining act for this sold-out evening, however following their soundcheck the venue asked the band to either play at half-volume or not to perform at all. When faced with this prospect and feeling their artistic vision was being insulted and compromised, the band stepped down from the performance out of respect for their fans. As a last minute substitute, Bass Clef was brought in to replace them. KMS's encouraged dismissal from the performance took place an hour and a half prior to the doors opening.


Bass Clef
Leyland Kirby

Leyland Kirby
From the plunderphonic terrorism of the V/VM label through to his examinations of memory and temporal deterioration through melancholy-saturated noise and sampled sleight-of-hand as The Caretaker, Berlin-based émigré Leyland James Kirby is one of finest artists of the last decade. Playing a very rare UK date off the back an impending slew of genre-trashing releases, this is a singular opportunity to experience James's uniquely beautiful dark sonic world.

Raime utilise the space and pace of early dubstep but mutate it by channelling an idiosyncratic allegiance to early 80's goth, industrial, synthwave and lost folk amongst other dark pathways. Their dread sound is a compellingly hopeless one- eerie, austere and yet strangely accessible, Raime make party music for Cenobites.

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