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Fev 10

Ship of Fools: Odds and Ends Tour

Com Streetlight Manifesto, A Loss for Words e 2 outros artistas em Northern Lights


Quinta-feira 10 de Fevereiro de 2011


Northern Lights
1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 12065, United States

Tel: 518-371-0012


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From streetlightmanifesto.com:

11.18.2010 | Ship of Fools: Odds And Ends Tour

So this last summer's Ship of Fools tour went so well that we decided to keep going, this time to places we may have missed and many we've never been to at all. If you live in one of them there wacky foreign countries you might even be pleasantly surprised soon (hint, hint). Unless you hate Streetlight, in which case you will be unpleasantly surprised. Also, why are you reading this? Go read about a band you like, we'll all be better off. Seriously, stop. Shoo.

The North American leg of the tour starts on February 10 and wraps up on March 13th, but we'll be announcing further legs as we confirm dates. Legs. Why do we call them legs...? Hmm. Weird.

Supporting us on the North American dates will be Terrible Things, A Loss For Words, Lionize and Larry and His Flask. Two bands we've never heard or even heard of, and two bands we have heard of; one of which we've played with, so we can honestly say at least one of the bands will be awesome. Hopefully the rest will be awesome, and at the very worst tolerable. If they're awful, we will not be offering refunds, so don't even ask. God, you guys are mean. Streetlight Manifesto

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