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Fev 25

Full Collapse Tour

Com Underoath, Animals as Leaders e 2 outros artistas em Masquerade


Sexta-feira 25 de Fevereiro de 2011 às 19h00m


695 North Ave N.E., Atlanta, 30308, United States

Tel: 404-577-8178


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**Tickets On Sale Friday November 19th!**

Underoath is typically referred to as a straightforward melodic metalcore band, but their sound has developed into a more carnal and guttural sound in recent years. Underoath's members are openly Christian and have stated on numerous occasions that they are a Christian band. However, as vocalist Spencer Chamberlain explains, " in a different way. We’re not like your average Christian band...." He further explains that Christianity is the "backbone of our lives, especially in the way that we handle certain things, but it’s not so much the backbone of our lyrics. It’s not like every song is a lesson from the Bible or something. It’s just normal life struggles."

While Thursday's music obviously appeals to younger generations, this is a band of old souls inhabiting young bodies, and thus, the music speaks to many audiences. This New Brunswick, NJ-based band was born of a love for music and basement punk rock shows, the culmination of a pair of high school friends who met their future bandmates at shows. Thursday's music shimmers with sincerity, but this is a troupe that will spontaneously quote lyrics of their hardcore faves in mid-conversation. They will be performing FULL COLLAPSE in its entirety.


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