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BarCamp Milwaukee 5

Com Music Manumit, Gabe Wollenburg e Pete Prodoehl em Bucketworks


Sábado 2 de Outubro de 2010 às 10h00m


Milwaukee, United States

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Come be a part of history! The first ever Music Manumit Podcast live show!

Come ask Tom and Doug questions. Get Pete Prodoehl, Gabe Wollenburg and Tom Ray of Lorenzo's Music to sign autographs!

Since it's BarCamp, anybody that wants to do more music events and discussion will be welcome. Get your suggestions/requests in early and Tom and Doug will do their best to accommodate.


If you can't make it to Milwaukee, we'll be answering questions via IRC (freenode at #musicmanumit) and also those posted to http://identi.ca/group/musicmanumit. Also, the show will be posted to the feed and to the website the following week, so you can just check it out at http://musicmanumit.com

And, if music is somehow not your thing, come join us to discuss technology, the web, sex and really just about anything that tickles your fancy. Sessions can be seen at http://barcampmilwaukee.com/session-list


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