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Jun 11

FREE SHOW!! Rockfeedback presents... FOL CHEN, HIND EAR + PLUG

Com Fol Chen, Hind Ear e Plug em The Lexington


Quinta-feira 11 de Junho de 2009 às 20h00m


The Lexington
96-98 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44.(0)20 7837 5371


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Rockfeedback has gone as far as california, brighton, and down the road in london (we spent a lot of money on the flight to california) to find you three of our favourite new bands, and because ‘three’ and ‘free’ sound the same, we thought we wouldn’t charge you any money for it either. free! like the london lite, a mother’s love, or nelson mandela

FOL CHEN - Fiercely lighting up the blogosphere and going over something of a storm at SXSW this year, LA's mysterious, futuristically clothed and LIARS sporting membered five piece are over from the States plying their Prince-like dance filled proposition with a subtle, darker edge full of sparkling originality. It’s also a bit beat-based; krauty experimental rock too.

HIND EAR - Brighton newbies Hind Ear, these technical wizards of a four-piece create a multi-armed, multi-voiced wall of rhythm and melody. Employing loops and layers of guitar, voices, drums, synths and samples, their sound cuts across multiple scales, from headphones to dancefloor. They remind us of the likes of Battles, Cornelius, Don Cabellero and our buddies Three Trapped Tigers.

PLUG - This is a London based femme-duo who play minimalist post-punk with a nod to the likes of Delta 5, The Slits and other great underground titans of the late 70s/early 80s. Like them they possess a penchant for stripped-down punked-up sneaker-moving tunes. But of course this is the big ‘09, and PLUG very much put their own up-to-date DIY spin on things.

Here’s where we’d put a ticket link but we can’t because it’s FREE. F*CKING FREE. Madness

see more here - www.rockfeedback.com

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