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XpressivE are a quintet from Katowice who perform a mixture of music genres, such as rock, progressive and jazz. The band was formed in 1995 as ImpressivE. After releasing three live albums Live 1 – 3, they changed their name and recorded a studio album called Encounter and a single called Żart. Then, after a few years of suspension, XpressivE returned in 2013 with a refreshed line-up and a new PreLudium mini EP. 9 Sep 2014 the band released their new album called The Head, distinguished by a variety of compositions and a charismatic vocal. The album was promoted by the single Bunt.
3 Jan 2014 was the date of the official launch of the media promotion for the single Ostatnia z Kart. This was about when XpressivE started to appear on radio stations all over Poland. One of the results of the successful media promotion was a positive feedback both from audiences and critics, and a concert performed together with RPWL in the Progresja Music Zone club in Warsaw. In September XpressivE released the album The Head. The music journalists of many reputable radio stations called it a discovery.
A piece of the band's music was used in a spot of a new series starred with Steven Seagal, broadcast on TV Polsat.
In 2018 the band officially released the album called The Head II, which is the English version of its native language predecessor.

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