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SEVEN NATIONARMY is a rock band from Cracow (Poland).
Music of the band is a combination of rock energy with catchy melodies.
The band was formed in 2006. The real turning point in the band story was the publication of songs on the popular website MySpace. Songs published on band’s profile were soon enjoyed by many of listeners, mainly from USA and Western Europe. Songs also started to be airplayed in American and European independent radio stations. In addition the song "Foolish Game" was released on a compilation in the USA.
The band played a series of gigs, including performing on the main stage at rock festival in Węgorzewo (Seven Festival 2010).
The band also worked with an independent record label Big Blue Records (already completed).
The result of this collaboration was the debut EP "Heavy Guitars & Sexy Vocals" (June 2010), mixed and mastered by American producer CJ deVillar.
In August 2013 the band released the first full-length album titled "Cold".
In November 2017 the band released new single titled "It's Not Too Late" promoted with music video.
In December 2018 the band released the second album titled "Secret".

Music by SEVEN NATION ARMY is available on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Napster and many other popular streaming platforms.

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