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Ludwik Zamenhof is a one-man music project. The man's real name is Andrzej Zagajewski and his alias is taken from from a Jewish doctor from Białystok who invented the Esperanto language. Białystok is also the name of the Polish city that Max Bialystock from "The Producers" was named after. He uses two very different tools to create music: a mandola and a computer. All recordings and samples are destroyed, deconstructed and reconstructed. The resulting music contains a lot of noise, hum, clicks and various interruptions. Ludwik Zamenhof is inspired by Bulgarian, Polish, Balkan, Indian and Syrian music. Folk and ethno samples are mixed with current electronic styles such as dubstep, drum and bass, IDM, breakcore and glitch. Most of these tracks would make pretty young women stop dancing, but some can be played at dance parties.

Andrzej Zagajewski lives in Poland. He is a member of entirely too many bands, a producer, musician, DJ, vocalist and sample library developer, but not a very good dancer. You can hear his voice in the band Hańba! (Polish for Shame! or perhaps more accuratelyand more old-school Opprobrium!). This is a folk punk band, so old-school they are currently pretending to exist in the year 1934. Their yrics refer to the political and social problems of Poland before the Second World War, and their music uses instruments common in that time period - accordion, banjo, tuba and a drum similar to that used by marching bands. Andrzej Zagajewski yells and flails away at the banjo. Other folk bands he plays in are Bumtralala, Iglika and Kapela Hanki Wójciak. These bands are inspired and influenced by Polish, Bulgarian folk and Polish highlander music, respectively. In these he mainly plays the mandola, which is to the mandolin as the viola is to the violin. He is also a producer. He produced the album "Królowa Czechosłowacji" by Południca!, a fusion electronic dance and traditional Polish folk. He also produces beats for UnitraProdiż, an experimental noise and hip-hop duo. They originally rapped about the products of the old Polish company Unitra which produced radios and other audio equipment during Socialist times, but the second album is all about textile materials. Last but not least among his bands is Balkan’s’cream. As the name suggests in this project you can find Balkan-inspired sounds, and probably either screaming or cream.

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