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The first project was launched in late February 2017. His songs are of synthwave, retrowave, retro electro and inspired by the 80's. This is "One-Man project". Debut EP ★NEOANGELES★ coming out 25.05.2017.

Long ago, in a year of 1981, the crime rate in the whole world rises four hundred percent. The cities and their streets became a battlefield as the police forces and the outlaws fight for control and domination of what became of humanity's last moments.
The districts in the cities became like countries, with gangs controling them.
A hunter or a prey.
Kill or be killed.
There was no other choice for survival.

As chaos and anarchy swarmed through the world, a lone mercenary riding on a red steel stallion stepped forth to oppose the wretched, attacking the headquarters of the gangs, one by one strucking down their leaders.

Unfortunately. before the last one of their leaders was defeated, he was shot, but instead of dying, he woke up in the alternate future, where past and the present blended together.
This is his story.

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