• Anyone up for some post-rock?

    4. Apr. 2010, 5:29 von Jeboo-
    So you’re up around midnight. Browsing the internet, chatting to friends, reading a book, killing time just because you don’t feel like sleeping, whatever. Then you encounter the inevitable question: what do I listen to next?

    It’s too late to put on something loud and aggressive. You’re too tired to put on something bouncy or poppy. You’re feeling too apathetic to want to listen to lyrics. You just want something nice to listen to.

    I feel it’s times like these where post-rock is the only answer. Or, you know, something classical or orchestral or whatever if you’re into that too. But post-rock can be pretty good.

    Anyway, short of putting on some Sigur Rós (I can vouch for “Takk…”, it’s quite nice, though it’s quite lengthy at just over an hour), you can try some work by Explosions in the Sky.

    EitS are an American post-rock band, and their second-most recent album “The Rescue” is available for free from their website.

  • explosions in the sky.

    6. Dez. 2006, 1:53 von amn3siac

    Explosions in the Sky will save my life this week. Finals begin, explosions is turned on. I cannot focus on studying without Your Hand in Mine or Day Two in the background.

    The music helps greatly. Other should give it a try. So, the weeks chart will be ruled by explosions. Thank You.

    (radiohead must take a seat this week =/)