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Adapters were born in some local pub in Rzeszów, Poland in the summer of 2003. Brothers Urbanek (Piotr –guitar player and singer and Marcin the drummer) were joined by inexperienced bass player Jacek Mlodochowski. After extensive rehearsals they played their first gig in September 2003 at another local tiny pub.
A year later they recorded a few songs at SPAART Recording Studio where Jacek works as recording engineer. All tracks were recorded 100% live (apart from vocals and a couple of additional guitar parts) in order to preserve as natural and spontaneous performance as possible. Same story repeated the following year and more songs were captured. They sound a bit different but the feel stays.
In 2006 the original drummer Marcin Urbanek left the band due to personal reasons. After extensive and painful search Adapters found Ania Liszkowicz - talented pretty young girl that just started hitting the drums. They were back in business. It took them couple of months to get the set list together but by the end of fall they were ready to get on stage.
So far Adapters played impressive amount of shows for friends only at even more local underground bars and clubs as well as bunch of regular club dates along with bands like The Poise Rite, Rockaway, Neonovi, Ratatam and VooVoo.
Right now they are rehearsing new songs for upcoming studio date in summer. You’ll get to hear them here, so stay tuned.
Adapters play simple, energetic and tuneful alternative rock which has its origins in garage rock of the 60s and 70s. Adapters are inspired not only by old bands like the Velvet Underground, Neil Young and the Ramones, but also by more modern groups such as the White Stripes, the Strokes and the Libertines just to name the few. Take a listen and if you like any, give’em a go. They are friendly.


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