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With this goal firmly in mind, 13/21 is out to prove that rock and roll is in fact not dying, but is instead very alive. With the release of their debut album Mind Your Manners, this unsuspecting band from Texas shocks their audiences with an energetic and catchy, yet nostalgic style of rock music. Their fantastic combination of dynamic instrumentation and a powerhouse vocalist certainly leave them with no place to go but up.

The band’s eclectic background forges a sweet but heavy blend of rock and roll, a sound that is not only distinctive, but vibrant as well. 13/21 seems to have perfected the delicate art of complementing their noticeably mature songwriting with proficient musical interpretation.

Mind Your Manners, produced by Mason Shirley and recorded at Sound Machine Studio in Corpus Christi Texas, is a violent crash of the styles and influences of the four young members. Songwriter/lead guitarist Sam Lathrop arranged each song in a way that would not only convey the message of the band, but would also expose lead singer Chris Harrison’s massive voice. He then added adept, flavorful guitar work to liven up the atmosphere of the record. DEENUS’s bass playing added a ‘McCartney-esque’ feel to the album by incorporating a strong counter melody to each track, and strangely, he locked in perfectly with Evan Buhidar’s tight, punk rock drumming. In an effort to make Mind Your Manners as entertaining as possible, the band included a couple of party songs, including an explosive hip hop/rock track as a finale and farewell to the listener.

13/21 have played countless times around their hometown of Corpus Christi, and have been rapidly expanding, playing shows in San Antonio, San Marcos, and Austin. They continue to excite audiences with their fiery live performances, and they are bringing new life and zeal into rock and roll.

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