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Lone Brings The Rave Revival To Sessions

One thing we've always loved about the work of Matt Cutler, AKA Lone, is his ability to seamlessly shift between gears. At one point he's toying with the playful ambience heard throughout the likes of Boards of Canada, before seamlessly working his way around hip-hop beats and/or 90's rave revival. It's the latter that he opted for in his wavy session, complete with a live drummer, as he ploughed through the opening tracks off brand new record 'Levitate'.

The syncopated stabs and breakbeats of 'Alpha Wheel' offer no real let-up for the listener, whilst 'Backtail Was Heavy' carries on in the same manner before giving way to dreamy, sensual synths.

Watch 'Backtail Was Heavy' above and both videos via YouTube below.

Lone's 6th record 'Levitate' is out now. Buy it here.

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