• oh wait i forgot to post about

    16 Nov 2005, 01:00 by fuckmountain

    the show i went to on saturday! jam was at the warehouse next door, and featured a bunch of sweet bands. The Catalyst kicked ass as always. their bassist, who was like eight feet tall, left the band to go to medical school, and they're looking for a new bassist. so if you like bass guitar, born against, smokin' weed, and live in richmond, virginia, you know what band to join.

    the summer we went west were awesome as well, even though they didn't play any songs off of following the holy moon goddess, the album they just put out. lots of noisy, drunken jamming. their bassist fell off the stage and landed on a monitor, and looked like he was seriously hurt, but he's apparently ok. by the end of their set, two members were curled up in the fetal position making insane levels of feedback, the drum kit had been all but knocked over, and the guitar head had been dropped on the bass. sweet.

    Hi Ho, Six Shooter! played too. they were really good. …