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  • Years Active

    2001 – 2007 (6 years)

the Pumpkin Head (a.k.a パンプキンヘッド) was a Visual Kei Rock Band from Japan.
They were founded in late 2001 and held their first live in march of 2002. In June of 2007, the Pumpkin Head had their last concert along with a distributed live DVD.

Final Line-up:
殺し屋 Vocal: フライパン -Frypan-(ex. 月蝕 (as Bassist 崇晃 → then vocalist 依那) → SAT , also featuring in Bloodly-clown , and now retired of visual kei music industry)
Guitar: rui(ex. クレア , now in ケミカルピクチャーズ (as 平井健太))
Guitar: トモ -Tomo-(ex. SAT , after the Pumpkin Head disband , he joined chariots as 知 , and now retired of visual kei music industry)
Bass: ロキ -Loki-(ex. Dios=Kuroi (as 凍夜) , after the Pumpkin Head disband , he support 176BIZ for a short period , afterward he joined chariots as 絽希)
Drums: いずみ -Izumi-(ex. 月蝕 → CRUEL , after the Pumpkin Head disband , he joined ジュリエット , afterward he also in session band 瞬獄殺 as Drummer BOSS)

Bass: 蓮-Hasu-(after he left the Pumpkin Head , he joined ヴィシュヌ as れん→ 苺69。 , メロウ☆ぴんきぃ → Holic)
Bass: ユイYui(after he left the Pumpkin Head , he joined Necromance as Vocalist 唯)
Guitar: ゆきあYukia(after he left the Pumpkin Head , he joined ガ♂ル , now in unfade as ゆきあ)

Member Informations:
Their vocalist is フライパン (Furaipan, Frypan) was also known as 605, 605.com and 605±2 and he calls himself the pierrot of the band instead of the vocalist.
He's known their later drummer Izumi for a long time: they used to play sport on the same team when they were in school. Originally he wanted to play guitar, but learned bass because he was unskilled at guitar. His first band was a little cover band called Gesshoku, where he played bass. Then he went on to be a roadie (along with Izumi) and then stopped to play in a band called SAT along with Tomo, before finally starting the Pumpkin Head.
Random facts: He really likes Chage & Aska and said he keeps all the letters his fans send him.

The guitarists are トモ (Tomo) & Rui.
Tomo used to be in a band called SAT under the name Tom. He has two dogs, Lucky & Spanky.
Rui's favorite movie is ET and he used to be in a band called Kurea.

The bassist is ロキ (Roki).
The first CD he ever bought is 's review and he listed it as his #1 treasure. He used to be in a band called Dios=Kuroi.

The drummer is いずみ (Izumi).
As mentioned, he & Frypan have been friends for ages and in almost every band together. However, when Frypan was in SAT, Izumi was in CRUEL.
He has a dog named Mimii and he's a big fan of . He also treasures his Poisonous Doll demotapes because he was probably a roadie around the time they released them.

the Pumpkin Head Discography
2003.08.xx 「メロン記念日」(ライカエジソン限定販売CD - Like an Edison Limited CD)
2003.11.15 「マリリソマソソソ」(Single)
2004.06.30 「Decadence 2004~SPLEEN&IDEAL~」(Omnibus) 収録曲:「スカトロベイベー」
2004.08.20 「神は死んだ」(Single)
2004.11.03 「get young!!」(Single)
2005.03.31 「Mr.パンプキンヘッド」(Single)
2005.05.01 「マホウノモリ」(Live Distributed Limited Single / Official Web Shop Single)
2005.08.10 「絶望の朝、僕は自由を手に入れてしまった。」(Single)
2006.01.25 「〔Mr.Underground〕」(Single)
2006.06.07 「エミリィー」(ライカエジソン限定販売先行シングル第1弾 - Like an Edison Limited CD)
2006.07.19 「メアリィー」(ライカエジソン限定販売先行シングル第2弾 - Like an Edison Limited CD)
2006.08.23 「『the murder mansion』」(Full Album)
2006.11.28 「剥離」(Live Distributed Free CD at Shibuya O-WEST the Pumpkin Head 東名阪仙ワンマンツアー■Escape from the marder mansion■LAST EXIT)
2007.01.06 「『the murder mansion』 」(Full Album - Second Edition)
2007.01.06 「エド・ゲインにおめでとうって言われた。」
2007.02.21 「CANNONBALL vol.3」(Omnibus) 収録曲:「CANNONBALL」「剥離~シビルリミックスVer~」
2007.04.25 「ブリキのジョー」(Last Live Distributed Free CD at 原宿アストロホール the Pumpkin Head ワンマン ツアー『FIVE STARS FIVE DEVILS』)

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