• I Love Tune-Yards. Please Listen to Them.

    24 Apr 2010, 01:49 by wmblair

    My newest musical love is tUnE-yArDs. I was introduced to the band through the free Today's Top Tune Podcast from KCRW. KCRW introduces me to a lot of the new music I love. If you don't want to listen to the station all the time, at least sign up for the podcast.

    BiRd-BrAiNs is the album I recently bought. It is totally worth it. I am not great at expressing why I love the music I love, so below there should be a video of a live performance of Sunlight - which is the song that was the top tune which got me to love Tune-Yards. I hope that the music speaks for itself.
  • 2009 - Here are 25 albums, 25 tracks and 10 gigs that stood out for me

    9 Jan 2010, 16:25 by brambilla77

    Happy 2010 to all of you!
    Here is my top list of 2009 containing albums, track and gigs.
    Feel free to share your opinion!


    1/ Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle
    Mr. Smog made an album that surpassed all his previous efforts. A little gem with lush instrumentations, clever lyrics and a leading role for the warm voice of Bill Callahan himself.
    listen to: Too Many Birds / All Thoughts are Prey to Some Beast

    2/ The XX - xx
    Question: what is left of The XX once you erase all the hype around them? Answer: absolutely the same! Melancholy songs drenched in fuzzy guitars and electronics. Very curious to see them live in 2010.
    listen to: Crystalised

    3/ Fever Ray - Fever Ray
    Karin Dreijer Andersson proves that she can create haunting electronica without her brother Olof too. …
  • Pitchfork Top 100 Tracks of 2009

    16 Dec 2009, 16:45 by stuartsjm

  • Best of 2009

    14 Dec 2009, 22:58 by hemlockecho

    Best Albums of '09:

    tUnE-yArDs - BiRd-BrAiNs
    This is certainly the best CD I've heard in a long, long time. Sonically it is something like The Microphones (circa The Glow pt 2) meets Joni Mitchell, with a dash of The Go! Team because why notThe "band" is really just one person whose main instruments are a ukulele and a sampler. The entire album was recorded and mixed on open source laptronica shareware (Audacity, if anyone is interested) in a livingroom and it is clippy and hissy and grating in places that are not at all endearing. If you aren't a lo-fi fan (or at least a lo-fi sympathiser), this album is probably not for you. But in just about every song there is this point where the vocals and the music and the samples all come togeather and everything merges and becomes transcendant and rich and amazing and personal. This is why I listen to music.

    Tiny Vipers - Life on Earth
    This CD is slow and sparse and beautiful. …
  • 2009 – A Year in Review

    14 Dec 2009, 21:47 by warrenwheel

    This year, particularly in music, was an odd year for me. The first half of the year was dominated by electronic music, whether it be electro-rock, airy dream-pop tunes, or retro lo-fi synth-pop. I finally attended the Ultra Music Festival after years of wishing that I could go. The festival was a great time and Miami is a fantastic city. The second half of the year involved a major shift to indie rock, freak folk, shoegaze, and post rock. While I still listened to electronic-influenced music, it was mostly combined with indie elements. This shift was likely a result of getting a radio playlist show on Indiespot on Metaphoric (check out my main page for information), which has me consistently looking for brand new alternative and indie tunes and artists. Fun times…but without further ado, here is my 2009 Year in Review.

    To make the top albums list somewhat easier for myself, I’m going to split my list into an overall top list and a more electronic-focused list. It seems to be the only way I can manage to figure this out. …
  • Track of the Week: "Sunlight"

    13 Jul 2009, 14:39 by JohnCa55illo

    The following appears on my blog, Animal Noises

    Song: Sunlight
    Artist: tUnE-YaRdS
    Album: Bird-Brains
    Year: 2009

    If you pay attention to the haphazard noise long enough, chances are you'll get to the finely-crafted pop track underneath. tUnE-yArDs' Sunlight jumps from hokey freak-folk tune, to electric pop power jam to garage rock, all in a matter of a few engaging, enjoyable minutes. The woman behind tUnE-YaRdS, Merrill Garbus, is what makes the track so intriguing though. Garbus' DIY method shines both here, and on the rest of debut album, BiRd-BrAiNs. Nothing is over-produced, but rather flows naturally, as the artist does a fantastic job of pulling together her diverse and complex melodies into singular, cooperative entities.

    The fact that Garbus is able to do all of this on her own isn't anything new or novel- tons of other artists are DIY-ers, and have been at it longer- but it's the aforementioned diversity that stands out to me. …