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  • Years Active

    2004 – present (13 years)

(also sometimes stylized as te' or テ in Japanese), is a Japanese post-rock and instrumental quartet, formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2004 currently signed at indie-rock label Zankyo Record. Characteristic for them are their titles, since album titles always consist of 29 characters, while song titles consist of 30 characters and their unique sound which is often compared to Mogwai or 65daysofstatic. They had their major-label debut at Tokuma Japan Communication in June 2010. "té" derives from the Spanish and French word for "tea". Although the name "テ ハポネーゼ" ("té japonais"; Japanese tea) was used, they shortened it to "té".

In January 2004 the band was founded, while Akihiro Kono (Guitar) was the leader. Besides that, he also works for their label Zankyo Record, produced songs from the indie period of 9mm parabellum bullet and album of sparta locals and is guitarist in the solo project of Takashi Igarashi (from syrup 16g. The band quickly gained praise from critics and fans alike due to their energetic and inspirational live performances and in September 2004 they released their 1st maxi single at Zankyo Records.
té's highly anticipated debut full-length was released in Japan in September 2005, and immediately charted at number ten on the Tower Record Japan charts ahead of many major popular artists. They continually toured Japan in support for the record, and word quickly spread internationally, with music magazines such as Bounce, HMV, VICE and so on featuring the band in their feature articles.
The music of te' is so aggressive and emotional with its heavy sound and tremendous roar. That is one of the reasons why their music was sometimes compared to hardcore music. Not only the heaviness, but they play so delicately a beautiful melody methodically and tightly. To express these two completely different senses at the same time, the music of te' doesn't need vocals at all. One big reason why te' is now getting offers to play in another countries like U.S.A, Asia, is because of their high quality of their stage. Everyone who watches their stage, they won't believe how they play those music with their aggressive stage performances. There is a completely new scene ahead for the audiences who have experienced the music of té. In 2012 Zankyo Record started to make music available internationally under http://zankyorecord.bandcamp.com/album/te-official-merch.

Akihiro Kono - Guitar
Hirotoshi Kuroda - Guitar
Tomohiro Matsuda - Bass (since January 2011)
Fukuda Yoko - Drums (since June 2015)

ex member:
Masa - Bass
Tooru Tachibana - Drums

Official website: OHP
Official facebook: Facebook

2004/09/21 己が分を知りて及ばざる時は速やかに止むるを『智』と言うべし。(1st single)
2005/09/07 ならば、意味から解放された響きは『音』の世界の深淵を語る。 (1st album)
2006/04/28 "If that is what is being thought, liberated sound talks the depth of "musical" world. (1st album)
2006/06/06 言葉を用いて奏でる者は才能に在らず、ただの記憶に『過』ぎぬ。 (2nd single)
2007/03/07 美しき旋律も、音を語る言を 持たずしては心にも『留』めがたし。 (3rd single)
2007/07/25 音楽の研究者は、音楽をねじ伏せようとしてはいけない。音楽をして、音楽の赴く所に赴かしめるように導けばよい。そうして音楽自身をして音楽を研究させ、音楽の神秘を物語らせればよい。 (1st DVD)
2007/09/12 それは、鳴り響く世界から 現実的な音を『歌』おうとする思考。(2nd album)
2008/10/08 まして、心と五感が一致するなら 全て最上の『音楽』に変ずる。(3rd album)
2009/03/11 「音楽を汚すものは、悦楽でも、惰性でも、官能でも無い。 現実が要求する打算と、経験から生まれる熟慮、それに反省。 現実を汚す音楽を救えるものは、受取手の無垢という表現」 (2nd DVD)
2010/06/02 敢えて、理解を望み縺れ尽く音声や文字の枠外での『約束』を。 (4th album)
2012/02/22 音の中の『痙攣的』な美は、観念を超え肉体に訪れる野生の戦慄。(4th single)
2012/10/03 ゆえに、密度の幻想は綻び、蹌踉めく世界は明日を『忘却』す。(5th album)

2004.01 Band founded, kono as leader
2004.09 1st maxi single was released from zankyo record.
2005.09 1st full length album, [If That Is What Is Being Thought,
Liberated Sound Talks The Depth Of "Musical" World], was released. Japan tour was very successful.
2006.03 te’ was called and played the huge festival “independence D”in Japan, and played before 10,000 audiences.
2006.03 te’ has released 1st album in the United States through and went to US and toured in the US for their release.
2006.06 te’ has released 2nd single & DVD
2006.11 te’ has been offered and played together with 65daysofstatic in their Japan showcase at liquidroom.
2007.03 te’ has released 3rd single , and held a one-man show at shibuya o-nest. Tickets were sold out.
2007.09 te’ has released 2nd full length album , and held an one-man tour in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sendai.
2007.10 te’ was offered and played at in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2008.02 te’ held their own special showcase night at liquidroom for the first time in their career, and played with VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE, ART-SCHOOL, OCEANLANE. Tickets were sold out.
2008.03 te’ has released their 2nd album in Taiwan, through in Taiwan. te' was also offered and played at in Taipei, Taiwan.
2008.08 Gig at "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2008 in EZO"
2008.10 te' release 3rd full length album, One-man at Club Quattro
2008.11 Release tour with sleepy.ab
2008.12 Gig at "LIVE DI:GA JUDGEMENT 2008 UDAGAWA" and "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09"
2009.04 Gig at ARABAKI ROCK FEST.09
2009.06 Hiro (Guitar) takes a break due to his bad health condition, 2 days event with GOOD 4 NOTHING and MO'SOME TONEBENDER
2009.08 Gigs at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and SUMMER SONIC, Hiro resumed his activities
2010.06 te' release 4th full length album
2010.12 Masa (Bass) leaves the band
2011.01 Matsuda (Bass) joins the band
2011.12 Gig at "DEVILOCK NIGHT THE FINAL〜Thank you and Good bye〜"
2012.02 te' release a single which will be featured on the new album
2012.07 Gig at "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2012 in EZO"
2012.09 te' release 5th full length album, also digital (worldwide)
2015.08 6th full length album release

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