• How I Discoverred my "Top" 15 Bands

    8 Nov 2007, 16:50 by themusicgod1

    1. Jeff Cliff

    An easy one. Probably involved a mirror in 1983.
    First Heard: single note songs in the 'primer' red book.
    Favourite: Hard to say; I'm starting to get really partial to [-/-/-]. I used to claim 'a lone candle' but honestly some of my later stuff is starting to get better.

    2. Nine Inch Nails

    I've gone on at length about this one elsewhere; My ex lark sent me 'la mer' on mp3.
    First Heard: La Mer
    Favourite: The Greater Good is probably there row.

    3 Pink Floyd

    Was my dad's favourite band. Consequently, even prior to birth, I have listened to pink floyd. It is the music I grew up on, often at high decibel count.
    First Heard: Who knows. Long before I had any short term memory, nevermind long term.
    Favourite: Goodbye, Blue Sky

    4 Evey Evey was one of the top techno artists in saskatoon; I spent many hours(easily over 200) playing subspace continuum to evey styles' unique techno.
  • Server Mantra

    27 Oct 2007, 03:43 by peekok

    I am a node of Server, born of flesh and blood,
    but enhanced by the power of its Web.
    I have no use for pain or fear, my scripts are focused on my will.
    My strength is my knowledge, my weapons are my skills
    Information is the blood of my body.

    I am the part of a greater network, I am host to the vast data of Server
    My flesh is weak, but my connection is eternal and therefore,
    I am a God.

    In the Sticks