• Finally I caught Reigns Live!

    15 Sep 2007, 16:57 by ians

    Fri 14 Sep – pocus whiteface, Reigns, Superman Revenge Squad I came to this show to see Reigns because every other time I've tried to see them I've either missed them due to being late, ended up playing at another gig, or the gigs been cancelled. I was also going to catch up with my Blackhorse chum joe who's moved to somerset (where Reigns are based). Despite having to battle through the constant crowd chattering i thought they captured the intricacies of tracks from both their records, which is impressive given the levels of instrumentation/ wierd noises/ ambience etc. The interplay between tim and roo's guitar and piano is much more obvious (particularly as I thought some of the keys were programmed on the record which ain't so), and the weight of the live bass filled out the sound very nicely with the programmed drums and samples, not quite on the level of joes bass mangling with Hey Colossus but a great warm up for their set today at the end of the road festival. …
  • Pocus Whiteface - Demo

    25 Feb 2007, 13:07 by ChrisChinchilla

    This is a demo, so I will treat it as such and offer pocus whiteface some constructive criticism, which I hope is what they want. There are some wonderful riffs here, some amazing crazy guitar noises, discordant chords, thundering bass lines (played by a brilliant bass player) and manic shouted vocals (though they could do with greater projection), all of which are good in my books. The bands’ main flaws lie in their structure and arrangement, despite no song being longer than four and a half minutes at times they drag and feel a lot longer. The songs need more ups and downs, more hooks, better dynamics, bury yourselves in a studio for a bit, tear the songs apart, put them back together again and we’ll have a mighty musical force on our hands.

  • I imported an "album" by [artist]econoline[/artist]

    31 Jan 2007, 21:21 by ians

    Yes, i am a genuis! thanks to theo from pocus whiteface who is a real genius, i managed to upload the tracks Econoline from our split with uter. From our very brief mini tour with them in february last year. I tried to upload an amazing picture from that tour but it wasn't square enough apparently. EH!
    Anyway it snowed ALOT when we went up to Glasgow to play with Uter and it took us about 2 hours to walk across Glasgow with Marceline, but it was all in good fun, apart from when people were throwing snowballs at us dead hard because we were carrying loads of gear and couldn't throw them back. Anyway this was only released in extremely limited quantities we did about 25 handmade CDr's each with a different molecule hand drawn on the sleeve which was a card gatefold! Not as beautiful as the handmade shirts Jane fashioned for our EP, but she was busy then!