• New hot release on Law Recordings, the talented Navy b. from Poland

    8 Mar 2009, 16:14 by LAWrec

    It’s time for yet another smokin’ hot release from Law Recordings. This time we have the great honour to present the very talented navy b. from Mielec, Poland. The title track of the release, porozumienieis a techy but smooth affair with a sweet kind of hidden but nagging hook that slowly ploughs into your head. Further into this 4 track release we find two more straight up driving techno tracks in “higienicznie” and “WP”. Even though this feels harder his seemingly sensible smoothness clearly comes across and is what differs this from the average. To top off this treat we get a serious piece of deep tech called Zazdroscicielki. This is really detailed techno at its finest. With a moderate pace and its funky feel it sucks you into the audio image. Law recordings is very proud to represent this talented producer who has been very busy producing and DJing in Poland all the way back since 1997. Now finally his vibe will reach out to a wider audience.