• Thee Irma & Louise Kill Bananazz

    26 Sep 2008, 14:29 by Bertels

    Tue 23 Sep – Thee Irma & Louise, The Killer Bananazz. Sub071, Leiden.

    An interesting Recipe Book evening Surf style! With Manu and Leon running Sub all by themselves and the two bands doing there utmost best, this evening was one for the books.

    Recipe Book’s Manu served Tequila slammers for the same price as the beers. But when Coach Bertels ordered two slammers, he found the beverages to be poured in plastic cups without soda! Hard to slam a fake slammer in plastic…. Well, just lift the arm and get rid of it without questioning. There were also Recipe Book CD’s for sale due to their xx years of existence. Two CD’s with a whole lot of bands ever booked by Carr and Manu. Naturally Coach Bertels had to buy the special edition for just five euros.

    The Killer Bananazz are Dutch guys from Wageningen, their surf rock was the classic energizing Pulp Fiction kind. Two electronic guitars, one bass guitar and the drummer with improvised tribal statue surfboards made from plywood, painted yellow and Wrestle Mania masks…
  • Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.

    10 Oct 2007, 15:14 by Bertels

    Tue 9 Oct – mofos, Spijkers
    Sub071 Leiden.

    After a significant bowling competition in Leiderdorp with Chavez, Maestro, Kronos, Paul, Weber, Jody and Marlene (in which Maestro proved to be a too chicken to steal Bowling balls he planned to launch from a morter) It was time to peddle through the dark wet surroundings of Leiden to the chill out bunker Sub071, The Black Tower, palace of Dickies, Vegetarians paradise, Squatters dungeon. This night a Dutch band Spijkers plays garage rock with an entire family! The drummer was probably the son of the lady singer who’s friend played the bass and his dad was darn good with the electric guitar. Some bunch! At the end of their show the family had to discuss which other songs they could play since their list was not that long and the crowd (just about 20 folks) wanted to hear more. They managed fine. For 20 minutes family instruments were packed and NY instruments unpacked for a performance of Surfing rock from the mofos! These guys started off like a rocket spaceship…