• How mainstream are you this week?

    4 Apr 2008, 03:21 by Dachaz

    Having that mainstream-o-meter is dead, I did this manually.
    Well, 'twas fun :)


    Take your top 15 weekly artists and record how many listeners they have...

    1. Dead or Alive 100,162
    2. Bragaoplixetraol 101
    3. Binärpilot 4,993
    4. PixlCrushr 389
    5. Bebel Gilberto 154,696
    6. Supersex 360
    7. Alanis Morissette 576,326
    8. Orthodox Celts 810
    9. Sanitys Dawn 858
    10. Pink Cream 69 11,208
    11. Hesus Attor 74
    12. gerador zero 597
    13. Carnival in Coal 4,922
    14. Edguy 109,519
    15. NéiL 170

    Total: 965,368

    Divide by 15

    Average: 64,357.87

    Divide by number of Radiohead listeners

    Radiohead: 1,281,303


    Multiply by 100 and round.

    I'm 5% mainstream this week.
  • Shameless Plug

    17 Apr 2006, 03:32 by themusicgod1

    maria panzeri
    The Decline
    joey cliff
    gerador zero
    Jeff Cliff

    I just got a message from one of my favourite musicians today, thanks to Audioscrobbler, so I think I'm goin going to make a point to making note of some great artists who have profiles here on Audioscrobbler.

    Maria Panzeri (sophiemarie)

    I found maria panzeri while looking for copyleft music after I decided not to download any more copyrighted works off the p2p nets. Her music is very moving, and full of love. Seafarer really makes you feel like you're on the waves.
    She's easily one of my favourites, accurately placed next to Pink Floyd on my charts :)

    Joey Cliff & The Decline (posicore)

    Joey, being my little brother, is from Saskatoon, Canada.
    I've seen The Decline once, live. They no longer exist, unfortunately, but Joey still does. He's quite the musician, easily comparable if not better than me, even if we appraoch music from two very different angles. The Decline may be (the creme of) good ol' saskatoon grindcore…