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  1. Correct tag is DANGER☆GANG.

    Ba.みづき(mizuki) (ex-トウキョウブルー(tokyo blue))
    Dr.蓮(ren) (ex-NIHILISTIC)


  2. ClearVeil was a visual kei band that formed in 2007, featuring members from many rather well-known visual kei groups. Their sound was quite…

  3. Vocal : 久音 (kuon)
    Guitar: 刻 (kizami), now in Lamina
    Bass : #73 (masa), now in Lamina as 雅(Masa)
    Drums : 殺助 (korosuke)

    ex-Guitar : 摩耶 (→℃)…

  4. アヲイ (Awoi) is a visual kei metal band from Kansai, Japan active since October 22, 2004.

    Vocal: オトギ (Otogi)
    → 毒蝶 → 夜魔徒撫死子 → Maria「…」nette…

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  6. Black:List was a Japanese metal band, which disbanded on January 8th 2009.

    Vo: 狂太郎-KYOTARO- (Volark → √eight → Black:List → the new…

  7. There are four bands called Chariots:

    1) A hardcore/emo violence band from the U.K. that formed in 2002 with their full length release "Daybreak"…

  8. Juliadoll is a visual kei band formed in November of 2005, but they actually started to be active around February of 2006. They had perform in…

  9. アンド (& or AND) -ECCENTRIC AGENT- is a visual kei band from Japan formed in August of 2007. Drummer 鈴音 (Suzune) left the band on August 8, 2010…

  10. 2007-2013


    Vocal: ☆彗夜☆ -Suiya-
    Guitar: ★福★ -Fuku-
    Guitar: ★冬樹★ -Fuyuki-
    Bass: ★月-yue- ★

    「ex. Members」

    Bass: ★稜介★ -Ryousuke-…

  11. Incorrect tag for the artist 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ!

  12. Formerly known as Seciliaルナ, before 2009.
    For all releases featuring vocalist Hinata (ヒナタ) and drummer Shin (晋), the correct tag is Seciliaルナ. For…

  13. Dué le quartz (デュールクォーツ) was a Japanese visual kei rock band that formed in December 1998 and signed to PS Company, a sub-division of Free-Will.…

  14. Vocal 逹瑯 (ムック)
    Guitar ヒロト (Alice Nine)
    Guitar 美月 (Sadie)
    Bass dunch (jealkb)
    DRUMS ケンゾ (AYABIE)

    First live was in Jack in the box 2009 summer.…

  15. Members:
    Ba.みづき(mizuki) (ex-トウキョウブルー(tokyo blue))
    Dr.蓮(ren) (ex-NIHILISTIC)

    Ba: Ka-e
    Ba: セラ (Thera)
    Dr. 麗…

  16. There are three bands named Licker:
    1) LICKER was a Japanese band from Ōsaka
    2) Licker is a punk band from Houston, Texas
    3) LICKER (Chicago)…

  17. VII-Sense is a japanese visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan that formed in 2009 under the name S-S. Their first show was held on November 28, 2009…

  18. ネガ (also known as NEGA) was a visual kei band that formed in late 2004, officially starting activities in 2005. In September 2010 the band went on…

  19. 176BIZ (pronounced "biz ichi nana roku") was a Japanese Rock band from Tokyo. The band was comprised of five members and was active from early…

  20. Luzmelt is a Japanese Alternative Metal band with Visual Kei aesthetics. Their songs range from Metal to mid-tempo songs, with some electronic…


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