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  1. DyIng messagE is a japanese visual kei band that performed their first demo live at Shinjuku DUO at 2010/07/23.

    Vo. ハル - Haru (ex.…

  2. the CODE. is a japanese visual kei band formed in 2009 and disbanded April 2011.

    Vocal: 豹 -Hyo-
    Guitar: Yuki (now in starless)

  3. Varbarossa is a Japanese band based in Sendai that started secret activity in August of 2009. They performed secret lives through the end of…

  4. As If in the darkness is a band from Tokyo, Japan formed in August 2009, just one month after the disbanding of vocalist mar and guitarist 有希…

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  6. Schmelz Cure was a Japanese Rock band from Sendai, Japan.

    They were formed in early 2005 with 3 members, Hibari, REy and Rin. Kanade…

  7. Diement. is a Japanese visual kei/heavy rock band that formed in April 2010 and disbanded in June 2012. They were signed to the Dear Dolce record…

  8. XI~サイ~ is a Japanese band which played as a session band since January 2009 and became a real band in July 2009.

    Vo. ハク
    Gu. yuki
    Gu. Rulu…

  9. Previously known as a session band called WIZ.

    Vo.巳魏-shigi- (ex-DIRACROW→Seeklet→C
    Gt.拓矢-takuya- (ex-Seeklet→C

  10. Re:dis was a band from Nagoya, Japan signed to Shimizuya Records. They were formed in 2008 but started acting in 2009 They disbanded 26 October…

  11. D'eiz ★ Members:

    Vo. 遥 -Haruka- (ex. RED→ギルティア)
    Gt. akira (ex. ケルベロス→パレット→【FIGURe;】(support)→re:Make(support)→ドレスコード→SectMa)
    Ba. 幹 -miki- (ex.…

  12. VIRGENOW is a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan.

    The band was formed in June of 2009 by former Ebony&Ivory band members, Fuuma and Shigeru.…

  13. Ancestral is a visual kei band. They were formed by Satoru and Toshiaki in 2002

    Vo. Satoru
    Gu. gochin
    Gu. You
    Ba. Jiro
    Dr. Seaya…

  14. VELGREED was a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010.

    Vocal: 鳴 (Naru; ex-Lovin',ex-VULGAR, now in…

  15. Synside is a visual kei band signed to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION label. They formed in 2009 and disbanded on March 31st, 2011.

    VOCAL: Rayka…

  16. DEPAIN is a japanese Indies Visual Kei band, formed in 2009.


    Vo. 龍華 (Ryuka)(ex. uNruSt)
    Gu. 猛 (Takeru)(ex. Medue'obscur (support) →…

  17. ヴァルナ (Valluna) was a visual kei band from Japan formed in April 2009 and disbanded in November 2010.

    Vocal: yo-ka
    (Icy. → メガマソローディ →…

  18. XIBALBA is a Sendai visual band that restarted activities on November 27th, 2009 at Sendai HooK.

    Vo:ARYU (ex燃える粉雪)

  19. DISQLOC. was previously known as a session band called Rhythm, but changed into a full-fledged band at 2010/04/25. They had their first formal live…

  20. 獅音 is a japanese band , formed in 2009.


    Vocal: 夕慈 (Yuji)
    Guitar: しん (Shin)
    Guitar: 紅夜 (Koya)
    Bass: 八纏 (Yamato)
    Drums: 大志 (Masashi)



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