• Great music fully streamable on - Byron: Forbidden Drama

    23 Apr 2008, 18:32 by moonshine26

    Well, this is my first post here in a very, very long while, so would you please ignore the cobwebs and the thick layer of dust? Thank you. It's still a warm and welcoming place, mind you, and hopefully you'll realize that soon :)
    Now, on to today's album, shall we?

    I'm aware many of you won't bear with me until the end of this review, so I'm gonna start with the conclusion :D
    Progressive/alternative rock band Byron have recently released their debut album Forbidden Drama, which is now available for full streaming here on Do yourself a favor and check it out. You have my word, it is completely worth it - and it's only gonna take you some 15 minutes anyway. Or an hour, if you like it enough.
    Now, on to the said review.

    Great musicians have a way of making themselves heard. Especially in a smallish, sad country such as my own, which bears the strangest of curses: see, in the past few years I've come to discover that this country is nothing short of a twilight zone. …