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There are many bands under the name Bleed.

1) Bleed is a Dutch trash/metalcore band. These are dire times for metalcore. What once was an invigorating and aggressive clash of metal and hardcore has diluted into ever failing attempts at emo pop songs over mindnumbingly dull, repetitive and poorly ripped off Swedish death metal riffing. Both its paternal and maternal music genre are in shambles.
A metal scene that has Dave Mustaine rejecting bands from his tour for being too evil and bands with sentence long names that are more concerned with the number of notes and rhythm changes they can fit into a “song”.
A hardcore scene that seems to have lost all of its revolutionary vigor and DIY energy, bands from back in the day who just reform for the simple cause of avoiding work at McDonald’s and a banner of low life simpletons seeking unity and a soundtrack to their otherwise meaningless lives.
It is time for it to go back to the heart of the matter: MUSIC! Michiel and Thomas, who go as far back as high school, were in a band called Necrology together in their early teens. At that time, Michiel went on to become a renowned death metal guitarist/vocalist in bands such as Necrology, Kringspiertyfus and Cardinal. Thomas moved on to be part of the then huge Dutch hardcore scene booking shows and playing with bands such as Man’s End, Standard and Sumo.
Now, over a decade since they last wrote together, Michiel and Thomas have found chemistry between them that allows for songwriting that incorporates metal’s darkness and musicianship with hardcore’s aggression and focus. Metalcore in its original form. Fuck the scene, Fuck being true, we’re here for the music, just the music. Bleed bitch, bleed!

2) bleed was a Toronto band active during the early-to-mid 90s. This bleed released two independent, eponymous cassettes which can now be downloaded for free at http://bleed-toronto.bandcamp.com/. bleed (let's call them bleed-toronto just for the sake of disambiguation) created what could loosely be called Alternative Rock and was fairly popular with local lesbians despite having no direct personal ties with that community.

3) Bleed was an / band from Pennsylvania, active from 1993 to 1996.
They released a split 7" with Portraits of Past (1993, Ebullition), a split 7" with Chain to thread (1994, Sountrack of Protest), a 7" entitled "True Colors Running" (1994, Ebullition) and a 12" entitled "Bully Complex" (1995, Soundtrack of Protest). Also they had a song on the "Education" Compilation 12" (1995, Mountain) and two songs on the "Follow N' Believe" Compilation CD (1995, Element)

4) A garagepunk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that had several releases in the 2000s, including a long player entitled "Motor Psycho" (2000). Band has been known to still occasionally play.

5)An early 90's industrial death metal band from Green Bay, Wisconsin who later went under the name Crawl. They were a drum machine driven band. They released a full length album "Womb" which later had the songs re-recorded for later Crawl material on the album "Earth."

6) A Power Electronics\Heavy Electronics\Noise Project from Germany:
The German solo-project was founded in 2006 to create art and sound entirely dedicated to a sadomasochistic sexuality and lifestyle. unleashes sonic attacks and droning soundscapes to evoke a world of lust and pain.
is pleasure & pain, bondage & discipline, dominance & submission. is a world of fetish and of the destruction of boundaries.

7) A German Death Metal band from Cologne.

8) An Ukrainian Djent Progressive Metal band from Kiev who realeased its first EP in 2010.

9) A greek metalcore band from athens,who released their debut album (provoking images) in 2007 and disbanded around 2009

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