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  1. Hardcore-punk from Birmingham Alabama existing from 2007-2009.

  2. //andrew y.//mark c.//jeff d.//ramy s.//

    DIY hardcore band from Los Angeles//Oakland, started playing fall of 2010.

    Website | Bandcamp |…

  3. Cloud Mouth is
    1) the noise-punk (screamo) band from Chicago:
    '4 Song Demo EP' CD
    'Freak/Psych/Fuck' Tape
    'Cloud Mouth / Cougar Den split' 7" and…

  4. Holiness Church of the Valley is a screamo band from Birmingham Alabama featuring members of Legion and Deism.


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  6. Three-piece from Olympia, WA, started in Jan '07. the songs up are from a demo recorded in February, get up on 'em. demo cassette out on SLEEP…

  7. мища is from Baltimore, MD

    Alex Kaufmann-Vocals
    James Farnum- Guitar, Vocals
    Robert Hansen- Drums
    Cheese- The man

  8. There are at least three bands with this name:

    1) suffix is/was a screamo band from Chicago. The band members have started new projects Ittō ,…

  9. Osceola is a hardcore band based out of Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC,
    Osceola started as a couple old friends coming together from…

  10. RIP (2009 - 2013)

    A three piece band from Lawrence, Kansas.


  11. Formed in the Winter of 2006 Failures is an East Coast Hardcore supergroup featuring past/current members of Das Oath, Orchid, Ampere, Cut the…

  12. Battle of Wölf 359 were a downtuned, heavy hardcore band from the UK that existed from 2006-2012. They toured the UK and Europe several times…

  13. Carrion Spring is an emotive hardcore band from Portland, OR. Formed in the autumn of 2008, they have released:

    3 Song demo
    4-way split 8" w/…

  14. 2049 was a screamo band from the Cleveland, Ohio metro area
    Winter 2009- Summer 2010

    Members are now doing this

  15. John Cota was a band from California.
    max, kyle, conrad, ryan

    3 Song Demo CD - May 2009
    2 Song Tour Demo CD - August 2009

  16. Mahria are a Hardcore/Emo band from Edmonton, AB who formed in late 2010. They play music reminiscent of Loma Prieta and Yaphet Kotto. Their…

  17. 2009-2010

    And they say was a musical/art project created by Rickard Markström and Peter Lundgren in 2009. The sound transformed from noise to…

  18. Resurrectionists are a band from Münster, Germany.
    The line-up features former members of Arsen aka König der Monster, The Apoplexy Twist…

  19. A Western Massachusetts hardcore supergroup that doesn't exist, yet covertly exerts a ruinous influence upon your life. Best known for their…

  20. Members of Boy Problems, Cassilis, Snowing, & Make Me. They currently live in Philadelphia. Download/stream everything -…


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