• Flat Affect, Unisono, Le Cose Bianche, 1+1= a window, Canine Court One & Cooloola…

    27 Apr 2011, 19:23 by Dreagan_luna

    Latest releases from Sarutra's Music:

    SMph026: Flat Affect - The Harvest

    Flat Affect isn't pretty when it comes to music. He likes it both ways, going harsh from time to time, but always coming back home to the dark (ambient) side. If we had cookies, he ate them all. The Harvest is a collection from compilation tracks of last year. Half of them were made but never released, the other half was well received and stars on a couple of good albums. There doesn't seem to be a certain here, we jump from one style to another between tracks, but they are arranged in such a way that each track complements the next or the previous. It ultimately climaxes in a couple of 4 second tracks. Prepare to be hissed and crackle-popped right up to heaven! Limited to 30 copies.


    SMph027: Unisono - I Canti Iniziaticit

    Unisono consists of three members, each adding a new set of instruments and a new range of moods to their music. …
  • new 2cd ___dREàgänN|||||| album & Pale Tongues album!

    25 Aug 2010, 14:43 by Dreagan_luna

    2 new albums released on Sarutra's Music, one a 3" album by newcomer Pale Tongues, the other is in a special new format by ___dREàgänN|||||| and a lot of other artists contributing.

    SMlp001: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Reincarnation
    With the release of this album, we're starting off a new type of release here at Sarutra's Music, dubbed the "lp". 2-cd albums in a self-constructed cardboard mini version of a double-lp album. Given that you can see a third 3" disc, that's just an exception on the format. Prices for tehse albums are a little higher than regular albums (10€), but that stands to reason, as you get 2 cd's and it comes in a very nice handmade package.
    The first disc contains a 2 brand new tracks, called Reincarnation, which is also the title of the album. It mostly contains analogue noise, recorded in numerous locations, mixed in with some digitally created home sampling. There is an apparent use of both ambient and field recordings, and harsh wall noise, even in one and the same track.
  • New Sarutra's Music releases

    6 Jan 2010, 14:40 by Dreagan_luna

    New releases from Sarutra's Music:

    SMph014: Whitewater Orgasm - Lust Year

    A new harsh noise project by the person behind Hypochondriosis blasts of this new year. What can only be described as an angsty nostalgic view on last year, makes me stroke my beard in pleasure, wondering why I'm calling it harsh... It has the sound and density of eardrum wrecking panic attacks, but mastered with such expertise that it acually sounds soothing again. Expect new levels of insanity, overlayed with primal screams and floppy guitar twitchings. Limited to 30 copies.


    SMph015: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - A Gathering Of Geminis

    A sizzling welcome to a horoscopic journey through the imagination of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. He tells us his story behind the crackle pop of a mechanic campfire, accompanied by the sounds of the forest where we are camping. …
  • Het Muzikale jaar 2009 volgens Gert

    29 Dec 2009, 18:37 by Doorchaser

    Okidoki Veel en e ia in mijn collectie in 2009. 2 rockbommen die steevast een scheurkrater slaan. Veel Belgen die de helden naar huis spelen/releasen. De enigste musical waar ik op vrijwillige basis naar gaan kijken ben, met 2 vrienden die me uiterst verrast hebben (Anatevka, fiddler on the Roof, CC De Mol, Lier).

    Verder 1 nieuw eigen muziekproject samen met Pieter Delafortrie (naam nog in onderhandeling) waarmee zelf al 1 (en tevens ook het enige op heel het jaar) optreden gedaan waarbij ik voor de eerste maal achter de knopjes stond, maar waarbij het duidelijk was dat er nog veel schaafwerk aan was. De release van het tweede Distant Fires Burning album “7 Sisters” Met zeer mooie commentaren van de Pers. Een kleine feature van mijn sounds in een geweldig toneelstuk geschreven door Roel Spoelders (De Wereld is om zeep, Joenktoneel, Bonheiden) En een sisyphuswerk van een zoektocht naar een zangeres/zanger !!

  • new: 1+1= a window, saturn form essence, earth incubator, fukte & ezcaton

    4 Nov 2009, 16:57 by Dreagan_luna

    New releases from Sarutra's Music:

    SMph010: 1+1= a window - A Cunt Amongst Gods (3")

    The second Sarutran release covering artist 1+1= a window is a textbook example of digital noisism. Straight forward harshness from the depths of a deteriorating motherboard. You shouldn't buy this one for its improvised (or better: random) pedal bended pretentiousness, which it lacks, but for its delicate details, shifting unnoticeable in the background. Limited to 20.


    SMph011: Saturn Form Essence - Philosophy Of Chaos Structure (3")

    We are proud to present our first dark ambient release. Space themed, we embark on a cold journey into the known territory of rumbling ambient tummy noises. Space-suit-up because these soundscapes will leave you breathless without your protective helmet. 20 minutes of real alien adventures, unfortunately in your own home, everyone will hear you scream... Limited to 20.

  • Frail Walls #2/Dirgehead #8: REACHING./Seedbed split 7" LATHE!

    28 Oct 2009, 16:04 by logbut

    Yes I know Evan already made a post about this, but I'm gonna too. :P

    By logbut, shot with Canon PowerShot A590 IS at 2009-10-28

    After six long months of waiting, they are finally here, the glorious poly-carbonate discs hand cut with grooves to truly make your head shake. This co-release from Frail Walls Productions and Dirgehead Distribution Company offers up some truly hard to listen to sonic art in 100% DIY fashion. So DIY in fact, that Rick Ta Life himself has weeped at the mere thought of this 7". Every aspect of this record was handmade, from the silkscreened cover, to the hand cutting of each record by the mythical Peter King, and of course the music carved into the grooves.
    Musically the artist truly are wearing their Sunday best, or something. Reaching. brings 5 minutes of low end oscillator violence with cascading walls of skree. Satisfying and harsh. A Dilemma if you will. J. Briglia, L.
  • Frail Walls #4 + #5! Wolverine Carcass CDr + Apocolyptic Youth DVDr + Orgasm…

    4 Oct 2009, 00:56 by logbut

    So it's been a while for any Frail Walls activity. Some may see that as a good thing but whatever. Anyway. I have two new releases to offer the dirty, noise crazed masses of the world.

    By logbut at 2009-10-03

    Wolverine Carcass - Why Am I Doing This: A Collection Of Unreleased And Out Of Print Tracks 2007 - 2009

    First off is Frail Walls Productions #4, its a release by Wolverine Carcass aka yours truly, the humble narrator of this internet information readie thing. In a desperation move after realizing that He was out of hardcopy CDs to sell as merch at his first live action, Wolverine Carcass whipped up a crystalline compact audio disc chock full of goodies. This CDr is a hodge-podge of various tracks that have been released and aren't available or that were recorded and never used for anything OR(!) early versions of stuff that was released OR(!!) stuff that was used as parts of other stuff. …
  • [Belgian Ambient] Featured Artist: ___dREàgänN||||||

    24 Aug 2009, 14:41 by Belambient

    This weeks featured Artist at Belgian Ambient:

    . . . ...___dREàgänN||||||... . . .

    picture from Last.fm

    Hi everybody, this week it’s time we dive into the world of Marvelous

    Bio from last.fm:

    A Sarutan (planet from another dimension) / artist.
    Being the rhythm guitar player for Anak Krakatoa and for the now disbanded 010054, ___dREàgänN|||||| wanted to create the complete opposite of what he does in his band. No rhythm, no structure, no composition, no song.

    He started working on his first earthly song, the never released ‘Mantra Whistle’, in December 2007. His earthly debut album, Vertebrae, was released a month later. Following the postive reception of Vertebrae, he started working on a sophomore album, which he released in the March 2008.

    His instruments include his guitar, his voice, his band mates and anything that creates a sound or noise he can record…
  • SMph008: Fukte & Ezcaton + SMph009: NRYY

    4 Aug 2009, 18:45 by Dreagan_luna

    New releases from Sarutra's Music:

    SMph008: Fukte vs. Ezcaton - Season box pt.1 (Spring)

    When Italian Monstrosities collide... When two walls of noise implode... They give birth to what makes the Earth go round. Fukte & Ezcaton re-imagine Earth's seasons in this 4-disc box, starting out with the first disc "Spring" now. The other three seasons will be getting out accordingly. This is an excellent piece of harsh noise collaboration, one that blows through your ears as gently as a spring breeze, yet that warms you like the fireplace during April's showers. Comes in a set, with the upcoming 3 albums.

    This comes in a cardboard box, with some inserts. The albums themselves come in coloured envelopes.
    Pre-orders get something extra (even though we haven't figured it out yet, you'll be getting it with or after the last album (Winter)).

    It's only 20€ (+ shipping outside Europe) for 4 albums.

  • Fukte & Ezcaton "Season Box"

    13 Jul 2009, 19:03 by Dreagan_luna

    Sarutra's Music brings you its first box-release!

    Fukte & Ezcaton "Season Box"


    This magnificent harsh noise collaboration between noisicans Fukte and Ezcaton will blow your mind to smithereens.

    Starting out in a few days with their Spring album, they'll travel around the four seasons, releasing their Summer album near the end of this present one.
    Each album will be themed according to the season during which it is recorded, the first being Spring, also noticeable in the material itself. Noise for every day of the year.

    Pre-orders come in a limited box-edition, sent out when the first album comes out. The next three albums will be shipped automatically when released. You can order separately, but you'll miss out on some excellent noise..
    (= similar to Merzbow's birdbox of this year, though this is still a DIY label, so don't expect wodden boxes and acryl paintings on bamboo..)

    Pre-orders go till 23/07.