• Improvised music in London this week

    17 Dec 2008, 11:52 by samsaunders

    The only West Yorkshire connection is that I went down on the train from Leeds to see a dance performance at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern that son Will was contributing music to.

    Lea Anderson, for 25 years director of the influential Cholmondleys and Featherstonehaughs (contemporary dance - see http://www.thecholmondeleys.org) groups had devised a thing called Russian Roulette that entailed a series of performances over about a month - with each one getting less and less time for preparation. The music was improvised for each performance and on the last night the whole hour was created and performed in the space of one day. Twenty dancers and ten musicians.

    It was spectacular - and tragic and funny and very entertaining. The crowd cheered like crazy.

    Steve, leader of the music has put some recordings made at the gig on line in myspace. They sound pretty good to me. Go to


    to hear the bits of music from "Shot 6" - there are some seriously good musicians playing. …