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Zoltan Dobi is an avant-garde, recording project and musical endeavor, started in the late 90’s by 2 friends: Adrian Taylor and Gar BaiLey. Both born and raised in the Orlando, Florida area. The native noise made by these 2 individuals consists of assorted, auditory stylez containing portions of: post rock, sound collage, experimental analog electronics, satire, and lush ambianica. Heavily influenced by psychedelic rock as well by more modern experimentalist post punk acts and aesthetics. Zoltan Dobi hopes to have continued the tradition of artists who paved the path of auditory exploration before them. Acts like Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett especially, Brian Wilson, Nick Drake, and The Velvet Underground all heavily affected their psyche’s. Combined with more recent influences such as: Beck, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Slint, Brainiac, Enon, Animal Collective, and even oddities n’ sound collage artists like: Negativland, Thinking Fellers Union, and Sun City Girls. The musics of these artists, among many others, was important to ZD. Thus the totem pole of musical history then continued with Zoltan Dobi’s strange blend of hard-edged softness and ironic lush land-scaped escapism. Multi-faceted, omnidirectional, and limitless possibilities abound.

With hundreds of heard & unheard recordings under their belts to date made from 1998 – 2005 on everything originally from a 4-track cassette unit.. to 1/2 inch Reel to Reels.. to eventually a computerized digital set up. The early part of the new millennium marked an important chapter in the growth of Zoltan Dobi’s development as original, auditory entities and true purveyors of unfettered, undefinable musical sound. The culmination of which was their 2005 full length album: “Cooter Beek Invades Foreign Occupations“. -Which contains 23 tracks of truly diverse auditory exploration. *Plus 4 bonus tracks now offered after the album became available as a free digital download thru Gar’s own: Hairy Sloth Records.

By 2005 & 2006 the 2 band members were feeling accomplished with the release of the LP but also pretty burnt out with the project, each other, and both also wanting to head into 2 different directions musically. Gar off into crazy IDM Drum Machine Improv-Land, while Adrian was looking to further his guitar skills and settle into a more stable and somewhat traditional post rock type of outfit. So while Gar furthered w3rk on releases with his “alGARhythm” project, doing live solo performances, messing with video protectionism, and putting together a compilation.. all while trying to maintain the quality and quantity of his visual art. Adrian Taylor then went on to work with some different musicians in the Orlando, FL music scenes. As well as playing with Tel Aviv Bats. -A 4 piece band who released a self titled post Rock/Jazz LP in 2010 upon then which they promptly broke up after wards. Adrian was also simultaneously working on his own long over due solo album and project called: “Summer Bungalow“. One in which he composes and plays most all of the music, but does have some other guest musicians sit in on certain tracks. Especially on Drums, Vocals, and some Samples/Sound Effects parts. The first Summer Bungalow LP is/was completed in the Fall of 2011.

Gar Bailey has released 3 solo albums total since 2003, all under the alias of “alGARhythm“. One temporarily released on former FL label – Polyvibe Records in Jan. 2007. But with Polyvibe quickly faltering and eventually closing up shop. Gar decided to start his own imprint ala Hairy Sloth Records in the Summer of 2008. Which you can now find all of his albums – past, present, & future on. As well as most of his other musical and video projects all being assembled under one “roof”, it’s slow going but working out great. Gar is now working on some other musical collaborations & recordings, namely his Live Hardware project called: “Death To False Love” with label mate A_Scissors. After almost 4 years, Gar is also near completion of what he claims is most ambitious and “bangin’” alGARhythm LP ever. Upon completion of that record, Gar looks to keep working musically with DTFL, and has a new experimental Solo project in the w3rks entitled: “OOTO“. -Which is supposed be somewhat of the antithesis of what the alGARhythm project is. Much more experimental and aimed at exploring melody and texture before percussion. He’s also looking forward to spending a bit more time painting and making assemblages in the coming years.

Zoltan Dobi currently has no plans to reunite or record anything else in the near future, but they also try not to rule anything out either. Gar and Adrian remain friends and occasionally play on some tracks from each others’ own solo projects.

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