• Evolution of my musical taste

    30 Aug 2008, 13:50 by Blasfemic

    This is a thing I've been trying to write down for some time now.

    The evolution of your musical taste is a really interesting thing. Trough the years I've been listening to many different music styles - of which some left a considerable mark in my life and some were just a "come and go" and actually never really affected me much.

    So let's go trough some of my personal music history. As now I passed my 20th birthday I got somewhere about 10 years of music history behind me and this should be a small flashback trough the years.

    One of first bands I started listening to were The Beatles due to my fathers influence since he had lot's of old school records. From that time I also remember Neil Young and Joan Baez (that kind of died in my taste although some songs are still nice like Diamonds And Rust – specially the Blackmore's Night cover).

    To mention here is also my first original album which was from Zmelkoow (at that time and also now a very popular Slovenian rock band…