• Lyrics Game #24

    18 Jul 2007, 06:45 by thoseguiltyeyes

    1. Take the red from your eyes and ink it into your skin. Now watch what you say, cause there's nothing gray about the color of your sin.
    - Mirrors

    2. I was going to spell it out in full detail, but I dropped the call before I spilled my guts. But your floor stayed clean, like my conscience will be.
    - Bite My Tongue

    3. There are times in our lives when we just cannot compromise. Can't take advice but can't deny all of the things wrong in our lives.

    4. This is how we'll dance when, when they try to take us down. This is what will be our glory.
    - Let the Flames Begin

    5. I'll take this Cali sunrise with me and wake up with the fondest memories.
    - Jamie All Over

    6. You do your best to understand. I'm keeping you in mind but I'm getting out of hand.
    - 21

    7. It's gotta be easy to see what everyone takes out of me, knocking me down, dragging me out. How did you end up in that crowd?
    - Five Becomes Four

    8. I'm trying to believe in you, but all these satellites and shattered dreams are blocking out my view. …