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This is an incorrect tag for either 平野義久(Yoshihisa Hirano) or タニウチヒデキ(Hideki Taniuchi), please refer to the text below and fix your tags accordingly and vote for correct tags of songs.
Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi are the composers of the three soundtrack albums for the anime Death Note, and;
1) 平野義久 has all of his compositions written in English
2) タニウチヒデキ has most of his compositions written in Japanese

1st Album: DEATH NOTE オリジナル・サウンドトラック (English: DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack)

01 Death Note
Right title: Death Note
02 Jiken
Right title: 事件
03 Light no Theme
Light's Theme
Right title: ライトのテーマ
04 L no Theme
L's Theme
Right title: Lのテーマ
05 Kinchou
Right title: 緊張
06 Senritsu
Right title: 戦慄
07 Kodoku
Right title: 孤独
08 Kyoumei
Right title: 共鳴
09 Kitai
Right title: 期待
10 Tokusou Kira han
Right title: 特捜キラ班
11 L no Theme B
L's Theme B
Right title: LのテーマB
12 Shunjun
Right title: 逡巡
13 Tsuiseki
Right title: 追跡
14 L no Nakama
Right title: Lの仲間
15 Tokusou
Right title: 特捜
16 Shinigamikai
Right title: 死神界
17 Taikutsu
Right title: 退屈
18 Rem
Right title: レム

19 Death Note Theme
Right title: Death Note Theme
20 Kyrie
Right title: Kyrie
21 Domine Kira
Right title: Domine Kira
22 Teleology of Death
Right title: Teleology of Death
23 Low of Solipsism
Right title: Low of Solipsism
24 Requiem
Right title: Requiem
25 Immanence
Right title: Immanence
26 Dirge
Right title: Dirge
27 Light Lights up Light
Right title: Light Lights up Light
28 Alert
Right title: Alert

Tracks 29-30: ナイトメア (Nightmare)

2nd Album: DEATH NOTE オリジナル・サウンドトラック II (English: DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack 2)
Tracks 1-8: by 平野義久 (Yoshihisa Hirano)
Tracks 9-28: by タニウチヒデキ (Hideki Taniuchi)
Tracks 29-30: マキシマム ザ ホルモン (Maximum the Hormone)

3rd Album: DEATH NOTE オリジナル・サウンドトラック III (English: DEATH NOTE Original Soundtrack 3)
Tracks 1-21: by タニウチヒデキ (Hideki Taniuchi)
Tracks 22-26: by 平野義久 (Yoshihisa Hirano)
Track 27: 平野綾 (Aya Hirano)
Track 28: by 平野義久 (Yoshihisa Hirano)

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