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    29 Jan 2009, 19:54 by Jareen

    A list of underground black metal artists I listen to...this stuff rocks :D Also - your version of underground might not be mine, but that's because I'm kinda new :P Recommend me anything good :)

    A Forest of Stars - Avant-Garde Black Metal...they call it "Victorian Occult Avant-Garde Black Metal" or something crazy like that. Based on a recommendation it's certainly intriguing...but after a listen it was pretty boring. No riffs, no of those "droning" black metal bands I love to hate :P
    Abathur - Proof that Iran has more explosive stuff...and more worthwhile things, than Islamic terrorism and nukes....a decent black/thrash band :) A second listen to Last Man's Last Way impressed me again...nice riff :D
    Abigail - Japanese black/ quality on my copy of their '92 demo is rather hard to follow but it's all right :) Update: Got their split live album (bootleg?) with Barbatos and Cut Throat - only two or three tracks in but it's very decent :D