• Summer Days / Summer Nights Mixtape Vol. 5 : High School Jams

    8 Jun 2011, 05:44 by liltimmeo

  • Lyrics Game #13

    18 Aug 2006, 09:44 by thoseguiltyeyes

    1. Look up; the stars are fading and I am still here waiting to see you again, be with you, my friend.
    - On Top Of The World

    2. I cared a little but you wouldn't believe.

    3. Night after night, lift me up as high as the clouds that won the sky.
    - Poetically Pathetic

    4. I thought I could keep it better together, forever in debt to each other.
    - What It Meant To Be Clean

    5. And as they as strolled along, my heart broke out in song from all the things and the thoughts and assumptions that I had wrong.
    - Never Knew

    6. The way that we play has such confrontation and guilt by association.
    - Don't Be So Hard

    7. My swan song will be like a bullet laced in anger as the razor cuts the soft spot on your heel.
    - Bite To Break Skin

    8. Another day, another worry breaks right through and indecision bleeds me dry.
    - Hands On Deck

    9. All I wanted was your time cause I know you got an answer set aside.

    10. I know you get what you get: you get what you deserve.
    - Runaway

    11. It's not gossip if it's the truth. I'm sick of always writing songs for you to slit your wrists to.
  • Gig Review: March

    14 Mar 2006, 14:44 by trovster

    Gig Review: March

    10th March 2006 - Birmingham Academy - Yellowcard, Enjerico

    Enjerico, a fast punk band from Essex, were the only support. They were pretty average, but the Essex-accent and unimpressive screaming let the band down for me. Yellowcard played a range of songs from across their discography, but most of the songs came from Ocean Avenue, which was, incidently, their final song of the encore. Ryan Key seemed more enthusastic during the bands older songs (from One for the Kids) and I was slightly disappointed with their rendition of Avondale, my favourite acoustic song by the band. Since Ben Harper's recent departure, Yellowcard have employed the talents of Ryan Mendez, who played an impressive guitar solo.

    Moment in the pit
    Yellowcard split the crowd to create a line all the way down the middle, perpendicular to the stage. Noting that security don't like them for the following ensuing mayhem, shouting at the people to run directly at each other (think Braveheart, but sweaty kids!). …
  • Yellowcard / Acceptance Concert

    14 Nov 2005, 06:06 by dfricker

    Oh snap sons, Yellowcard and Acceptance came to Pittsburgh, Pa. tonight and they performed in this church. Seeing them in a smaller building was better than having them perform in a big venue. Acceptance was good live, their lead singer has a great voice. They played almost all the songs off their phantoms cd plus a cover of the beatles' song eleanor rigby. Yellowcard was ill, they played cigarette and a.w.o.l off their "one for the kids" cd then six or seven songs off "ocean avenue" plus avondale off their underdog e.p. and then four songs on their cd coming out in january. Their new stuff is pretty good. Their drummer Longineu Parsons III is crazy, his dreadlocks are amazing, and Ryan Key's hair was as yellow as ever. Sean Mackin on the violin was tight as hell too. This concert was glorious, just remember, if you're gonna rip my heart out, could you use a knife that's dull and rust in color...