• Recommendations

    2 Apr 2008, 00:44 by Kapitankraut

    Once again, remember that I'm not endorsing any of these automatically. Some may be terrible, others may be good.

    1. Xuacu Amieva - "Nalón"
    Asturian folk music, which is an interesting start. The overall sound is very soundtrack-y, and in fact I would've thought it was one of Mark Knopfler's efforts had I not known better. It's a pleasant track, and with more than a hint of the Celtic influence that many people are surprised exists in Spain overall. Not a track that goes anywhere in particular, but instrumental folk needn't do that.

    2. Sjodogg - "Kiss of the Butterfly"
    From the sublime to the ridiculous. This is a black metal concern which doesn't sound particularly good, but has some rather impressive vocals at times.

    3. Oskorri - "Alabaren Ezkontza"
    Back to Spain again, and this time we're in the Basque country for some folk music in the incredible Basque language - a language which is often suggested to be a remnant of what was spoken in Europe before the Indo-Europeans got there.