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Xeno Giraffe was born out of a mixed art project at The School of The Museum of Fine Art in 1981.

The artist / musician had combined ceramic head sculptures fitted with sound speakers where the mouths should be and ran tracks from graphed out, plugged together handmade electronic synthesizer modules to form a sonic atmosphere around a raw clay diorama of alien terrain.

Xeno Giraffe went from being an art project name to the name of the artist, who was working at the time at MIT AI research building, as full time employment.

Xeno Giraffe's next project involved in math based music formation under the group 21st World. Five albums were released to the public in 1994 - 13 years after formation. The albums had been developed for over a decade but the music had not been publicly released.

A sixth album was released of earlier synthesizer based work self titled - Xeno Giraffe.

In 2011, a new set of music with elements of rock and electronica called "Dinosaur UFOs: Episode One "Wolfmen From Outer Space" was released in the new digital domain of iTunes, AmazonMP3, LastFM.
A concept science fiction album of experimental rock that tells the story of three inhabitable planets around a star called Xur, a visiting group of alien dinosaurs in flying saucers who get more than they bargain for while spying, and the transformation of a steam punk robot into a sentient data recorder that holds a clue to one of the deepest secrets of the Universe - it's origin.

In 2012, "Eons Ago" was released, a three CD volume of 13 compositions that is a prequel to Dinosaur UFOs and involves a first person fictional account of a summer vacation that goes wrong. While walking along a beach in Brazil at night - a light beam that contains knowledge of the origin of the Universe comes out of the night sky and hits Xeno Giraffe in the head - instantly dropping him to his knees as eons of knowledge are burned into his overwhelmed brain - telling him the story of what happened in the past. And that something terrifying outside of the Universe is coming to retrieve what Xeno now has flooding through his memories.

Before creating music, Xeno worked as an underground FM DJ in Tennessee in the mid 1970s, where he studied and improvised on piano, and was a former banjo bluegrass player.

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