• have you got "some previous?"

    15 Jul 2011, 09:31 by SimonH2H

    X-Amount release Some Previous today. A collection of 6 re-mastered tracks from 1994-1997. Despite the odd bit of background noise (some of these tracks were mastered to videotape!) there are some belters here. For example check out Wireless. All tracks available for free download.
  • X-Amount of free downloads

    5 Jul 2011, 11:48 by SimonH2H

    X-Amount are back after a long break releasing new material based on i and . First came You Need Glasses, a 6 track album which has a dark feel, plus all the usual X-Amount sounds, , and mixing. This was followed by 2 releases in June 2011, Gits Encroaching which sees the duo becoming more melodic in places with heavy dub-style bass and more field recordings of things as diverse as metal gates, concrete pumps, Cypriot church ceremonies and building site noise. Also in June 2011 came Flight / Doghouse, a 2-track single that has a on lead vocals, and 70's synths thrown into the mix.

    Check out more on Simon's Soundcloud page:
  • Head To Head call it a day

    25 Oct 2008, 20:26 by SimonH2H

    Some of you may know already the sad news that Head To Head have now split up. There are many reasons for this that I will not go into here, but things have eventually become unworkable.

    A big shame. We were hoping to play a last few gigs to say goodbye, especially in our home town of Salisbury, but this has now become impossible too.

    So that's it. There are already plans for new things to happen from all the members, after all we were lucky enough to be made up of six talented and creative musicians.

    If you wish to be kept informed of these things, then please send us an e-mail and I will put your address into a new mail out that will be created. I will be closing the account at the end of November (to avoid the spam build-up).

    The Head To Head myspace will be updated occasionally if there is anything to add. I had planned a remix project of some of the album tracks, and some of it may still see the light of day, plus some recordings that were never finished.