• Rotations (December 14)

    14 Dec 2008, 14:54 by liftmuziek

    And all of a sudden, December is upon us. Time to make that Best of 2008 list, huh? Well, I'll be spending the next couple of weeks catching up to the albums that I may have accidentally missed during the year, so as to make sure and include everyone in my list that deserves for making this year one of the best ones in music. Meanwhile, here's another installment of Rotations, with some interviews linked back to Headphone Commute. Among the genres covered below, I've got folktronica and laptop americana from Silent Land Time Machine; excellent experimental neofolk from Paavoharju; abstract rhythmic noise from Wurlitztraction; cut-up glitch and IDM from Gescom; floating space music from Benn Jordan; psybient and dark beats from Integral; beautiful piano playing by Goldmund; majestic modern classical from Library Tapes; future jazz from Juxta Phona & Offthesky; ambient downtempo from The Remote Viewer; instrumental hip-hop and turntablism from 40 Winks; experimental modern classical masterpiece…
  • enoughrecords newsletter 4 december 2007

    4 Dec 2007, 13:47 by psenough

    Some new releases available for download:

    enrcmp07 - datacross.1
    experimental electronics split / collaborative work between portuguese acts NNY, e:4c and ps.

    enrmp136 - Structura - Inominavel (live.v.01)
    our portuguese friends structura bring us a recording of their performance at Elektrocution:Ignite festival last summer. Some nice spoken word powernoize sounds.

    enrmp137 - Lee Rosevere - Daigao
    courtesy of happy puppy records we bring you an hour of space drones from canadian lee rosevere.

    enrmp138 - Wurlitztraction - The Starlit Numbers On Her Fingers
    Wurlitztraction returns with another album of his psychedelic ambient electronics, this time a little more glitchy but still quite dreamy and pleasant.

    enrmp139 - Boiar - para piratear
    Boiar is a Portuguese collective exploring experimental electro acoustic electronics.