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  • Years Active

    2002 – present (15 years)

"Wukimon's gentle flowing electronica feels like drinking a delicious de-toxing smoothie. You feel it cleansing your insides, all completely natural and free-flowing." That's how the Brittish music magazine Playmusic Pickup described Wukimon in their April 2009 issue and it seems like quite a fitting description. The members of Wukimon have always used music as a way of dealing with their own emotions; as a terapeutical tool, so to speak. Releasing the music to an audience seemed secondary and many of Wukimons' recordings had been lying around in a drawer for years before anyone thought of releasing them.

Wukimon was originally founded in 2002 by members Jonas Einarsson, David Jacobsson, Olof Sellgren and Jonas Borell. The project grew out of the psychedelic jam band Ronnie the Bull, formed by the same members some time right before the turn of the millenium. The first songs where recorded using a sony playstation with the fairly crude musicmaking program 'Music 2000'. However, it's a rare occasion when all the members of Wukimon are present at a recording session and much of the material released under the name 'Wukimon' is actually solo material by Jonas Einarsson.

In March 2008 Wukimons' first release, the 'Agni' EP, saw the light of day. With a marketing budget of $0.00 the band did not expect much success, but through the internet the 6 track EP slowly started reaching listeners all around the world. The response from listeners and media was overwhelmingly positive, much to the delight of Wukimon. The song 'Holy' somehow found it's way into a dutch radiostation and managed to reach the #1 spot on their toplist 'Eigenwijze 30', in competition with Radiohead, Metallica, Björk and many other well established stars.

The Agni EP also featured two instrumental tracks; 'Flute of Krishna' & 'The Bells'. These songs bore more likeness to contemporary classical minimalist music than to any of the other songs on the EP. Nevertheless, they soon found their audience. At only 1 min 15 sec, 'Flute of Krishna' had originally been intended as just a short instrumental interlude between the tracks 'Holy' and 'High'. Somewhat baffled by the popularity of the song, Wukimon decided to make an extended version of 'Flute of Krishna' and release it as a single along with 'The Bells'. Since it's release (Oct 2008) the Flute of Krishna-single has had somewhere in between 30.000-50.000 downloads, which has got to be quite remarkable for an experimental, instrumental online-single!

Wukimons' third release 'Radioactive Reindeer' came out just before christmas 2008. The titletrack had been knocked of the Agni EP at the last minute, on behalf of the song 'When the River Calls You'. The song 'Radioactive Reindeer' didn't really have anything to do with christmas, but christmas seemed like the right time for reindeer so the decision was made to release the song along with the freshly recorded 'Lick My Soul'.

In September 2009 Wukimon released 'Let the Carnival Begin!'. A two track concept-single about the need to sometimes get away from the rat race of daily life and just chill out. Around the same time Wukimon also released their 'Complete Pack' ; A discount package containing all of their releases so far + 2 bonus tracks. This package has since been appended with Wukimons' latest single 'Circles' (Feb 2010).

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