• New Simplecity show tonight

    2 Mar 2009, 19:19 by ChillDAB

    Hello - thought you might like to know that tonight's acoustic show on Chill features my first proper sunshiney mix of the year, with music from Rick James, Jamie Cullum, D'Angelo, Belle & Sebastian, World Party and more.

    We also feature one of my favourite album discoveries by David Mead and lots more tracks to help unwind after a stressy Monday.

    Full tracklist at, it's on Chill tonight from 10 to midnight.

  • Whatever happened to...

    1 Oct 2008, 11:36 by dirkpaul

    Every now and then I come across an artist from my past, to find out they're still recording, or are back to recording after an hiatus. Sometimes, getting rid of the stress of the record business produces very good music - I was surprised by the good quality of the releases this century by The Wonder Stuff, or the still-high quality of the albums by Fischer-Z, or the come-back by Scritti Politti.

    At the same time, there are artists which I valued a lot back then - but seem to have disappeared since. Surprisingly, I must add, because it has always seemed to me that someone who produces brilliant music at one time, should be able to produce at least a more-than-average album later on. Maybe not.

    One of my heroes used to be Karl Wallinger, of World Party-fame. I know he has never really disappeared, he is still around somewhere - after 10 years or so, the Big Blue Ball project with Peter Gabriel was finally released, on which he plays an important role - but that doesn't include new work. …
  • CD of the week (11-17.VIII.2008): VA Peter Gabriel & Friends - Big Blue Ball (2008)

    11 Aug 2008, 08:05 by RadioFabryka

    Praca nad tym niezwykłym albumem trwała blisko osiemnaście lat, a materiał na nim zamieszczony zarejestrowano podczas trzech niezwykłych tygodni w 1991, 1992 i 1995r. w należącym do Petera Gabriela studiu Real World. Małe miasteczko Box w hrabstwie Wiltshire odwiedziła wówczas ogromna liczba artystów, którzy wspólnie pisali i grali. Obfitość materiału sprawiła, że projekt porzucono na dłuższy czas, bo w nagraniach zapanował wielki bałagan. W końcu wezwano na pomoc producenta Stephena Hague. Wśród wykonawców, których można usłyszeć na albumie znaleźli się Sinead O'Connor, Karl Wallinger (z World Party), Natacha Atlas i Papa Wemba. Oczywiście sam Peter Gabriel także zaśpiewał w kilku utworach. A płyta ostatecznie ujrzała światło dzienne 21 lipca bieżącego roku.
  • July Mixtape: Connect the Dots

    8 Jul 2008, 04:24 by laura_mac

    Oh my goodness. This mixtape has caused me more grief...and not actually in the song selection (with which I'm rather happy), but in the title and artwork. I could not decide what to call it and therefore couldn't come up with a suitable image. I finally figured out a title I liked, but I played around with fonts for HOURS until I finally gave up and decided to go for a PBS NOVA-kind of feel. Simplistic (read: boring) I know, but I was sick of fiddling with photoshop.

    On to the theme, which I did not follow this month. The idea here is that we were revisiting some of the group's previous themes to give new members the chance to try out some of the more popular ones. The theme chosen was "Soundtrack of My Life," but I felt like I had exhausted that option (if you'd really like to hear the soundtrack of my life, look for it here). Instead, I redid another previous theme, which involved concocting a playlist in which the last word of each song is the first word of the next song. …
  • Favorite Dylan covers

    20 Feb 2008, 03:59 by tkdcoach

    There are over 21,000 recorded Bob Dylan covers according to the Dylan Covers Database. Some of those are very famous covers and were big hits in their own right. In the 60s era The Byrds, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, and many other contemporaries of Dylan's first decade made a grand tradition of Dylan covers and often charted big hits or songs that had long life once FM took over from AM radio in the early 1970s. Of those well-known covers in the first wave, perhaps my favorite is You Ain't Going Nowhere on The Byrds, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo. I also like the underrated The Turtles, It Ain't Me Babe. Johnny Cash did Wanted Man on Johnny Cash at San Quentin and it was good.

    Still, my own favorite Bob Dylan songs a lot of times are those that have been covered well--or even better--than by Dylan himself--and since that initial wave of Dylan covers. Many of those covers came filtered by time and Dylan's roller coaster reputation with respect to whatever the scene is delivering that given year.
  • bi:təl'ɛsk

    4 Feb 2008, 02:26 by nolandvd

    From wikipedia:
    Beatlesque (pronounced /bi:təl'ɛsk/) is a term used to describe rock and pop bands and musicians who were influenced by The Beatles and make music that is very similar. New bands are promoted as being "The next Beatles" or "The new Fab Four", and members of the media refer to musical acts as being "Beatlesque".

    The Beatles' influence is so pervasive, it can be hard to quantify. They influenced just about all popular music that came after them in one way or another, whether that be in songwriting, publishing, image, approach to albums and singles, live performance, promotion.... But their direct influence is easier to trace. In the early days, their mix of R&B, skiffle, the Everly Brothers and girl group harmonies were copied by many other Liverpudlian and British bands. Even bands like the Rolling Stones, who would come to be invoked commonly as everything the Beatles were not, were influenced by them in their formative years, going so far as to cover a Lennon-McCartney song. …
  • Spotlight on veterans

    16 Jan 2008, 22:08 by dirkpaul

    Today brought of the news of the lay-off of somewhere between 1500 and 2000 of EMI's employees. Well, was it news? Not really, we knew business in tjhe recording industry wasn't doing well, and we all know why. So no news at all.

    Although most of us (including myself) probably applaud the decreasing power of the companies, it of course has some drawbacks as well. Not only for the people that lose their job, but also because it has been difficult for some artists to get sufficient airplay for their music, and earn money out of their music. It might be possible for the Radioheads of this time, but not all are as successful.

    At the same time I know some artists that have been quite successful in their time, but now they are released of the burdens of their major contract, make pretty nice music. I thought it was time to put the spotlights on some of those artists, most of which are available on the very good download site (I know, I mentioned them before, and be prepared for a lot more attention to them as well. …
  • Tues., Nov. 20, 2007

    26 Dec 2007, 20:37 by DJbeezer

  • Groups and Artists that I have seen Live ( A Work in Progress !) Update 30/10/07

    30 Oct 2007, 20:21 by DominoDub

  • Random Album Reviews 1

    8 Jul 2007, 22:19 by kashmir91086

    In this journal entry, I review albums that I've heard but haven't acquired.

    Nine Inch NailsYear Zero: This is my introduction to Nine Inch Nails, the American industrial rock band led by Trent Reznor. All is well during the first two tracks, “Hyperpower!” and “The Beginning of the End”; the second track sounds like a World Party song, in fact. My introduction to industrial rock didn’t start as eventfully as I had predicted. I almost thought I stepped into a disco upon hearing the beginning of “Survivalism”; the track has a similar beat to The Arcade Fire’s “Keep the Car Running." Electronica and dance music meld together in “The Good Soldier.”

    Hip-hop and electronica are fused in “The Greater Good” while a vibraphone plays discordant notes. The final three tracks, “Another Version of the Truth,” “In the Twilight,” and “Zero Sum,” are all strong ones, the first and last ones featuring piano. Year Zero appealed to me strongly, which is saying a lot since I’m not a fan of dancing. 4/5.