• Stomp broadcast

    23 Aug 2011, 05:17 by Uhwelluh

    Two hour show of stomping tunes.

    Swing Plus #170
    8/16/11 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm AZ time

    1-Stomp, Look & Listen (live) – Duke Ellington
    2-Stomp Off, Let’s Go – Bob Crosby
    3-Come On & Stomp, Stomp, Stomp – Woody Allen
    4-Moten Stomp – Bennie Moten
    5-Mess-A-Stomp – Andy Kirk
    6-The Story Of The Kansas City Stomp – Jelly Roll Morton
    7-King Porter Stomp – Kansas City All Stars
    8-Special Delivery Stomp – Artie Shaw
    9-Sugar Foot Stomp – Rex Stewart & The Fletcher Henderson All Stars
    10-Two Tone Stomp – Eddie Lang & Lonnie Johnson
    11-Harlem Stomp – Louis Armstrong
    12-Hick Stomp – Ambrose
    13-Stompin’ The Bug – Fats Waller
    14-Stompin’ Room Only – Ray Charles
    15-Pomp Stomp – Woody Herman
    16-Stompology – Lionel Hampton
    17-Stompin’ At The Savoy – Girls From Mars
    18-Major & Minor Stomp – Jimmy Dorsey
    19-Blue Stompin’ – Hal Singer
    20-Stomp, Stomp – The Cats & The Fiddle
    21-Wire Brush Stomp – Gene Krupa
    22-Stompin’ Around – Casa Loma Orchestra
  • 20100615-Oddity Playlist&Stream

    15 Jun 2010, 23:31 by fanatic4life

  • James Thurber (ジェームズ・サーバー)

    16 Dec 2009, 17:33 by tarirari





    Woody Allen も、当然、少年のころに読んでいるのだろうな。
  • Gypsy Music (ジプシー音楽)

    29 Nov 2008, 15:19 by tarirari

    The BeatlesJohn Lennon も、
    どこかで に愛着を感じていたのだろう。
    GirlI'm Only Sleepingは、
    Veribara (ベリバラ)のジプシーの唄という曲も、そんな系をねらっているのだろう。たぶん。
    Woody Allen が「ギター弾きの恋」という映画で描こうとした大御所Django Reinhardt 様には教えるのも恥ずかしいとは思いますが。
  • The Village Vanguard: A Hallowed Basement: NPR Jazz Profiles Podcast

    26 Oct 2008, 09:47 by colmenares

    If you are into Jazz at all I highly recommend the NPR Jazz Profiles Podcast to all of you. This particular one struck me as really inspiring. It covers the story of the world's most recognized jazz club: The Village Vanguard in NYC.

    Here's an excerpt from the NPR article:, August 27, 2008 - It has become, perhaps, the most famous basement in New York City. The small room with low ceilings and remarkable acoustics has staged more than 100 live commercial recordings, several of which are essential works in the history of jazz on record. The Village Vanguard, open since 1935, is the oldest continuously operated jazz club in the world.

    When founder Max Gordon originally launched the Greenwich Village club, it provided a stage for folk musicians, poets, actors and comedians, as well as jazz musicians. From its inception, the Vanguard attracted hip, well-informed audiences. Gordon gave singer Harry Belafonte his first big break, and Belafonte remembers both an eclectic group of performers and the support of the club owner. …
  • Two New Projects: Tag Cleanup and The Great Unrated (Updated)

    30 Jul 2008, 15:42 by JoeIsListening

    Updated 8/5/08: Changed one tag and added info about the rating system.

    Okay, thanks to a recent Woot purchase, I have upgraded from my first generation iPod Shuffle to a 5.5th Generation iPod with 30 G's of space. It's not enough for my entire collection, but since I listen mostly to shuffled songs, I set up a 1 Gig playlist of random selections and filled the rest of it with my 15 Favorite Albums and the Top Artists from my charts, along with some favorite Genre material.

    Now it is precipitating my doing a couple of things that I have meant to do for a while. The first of these is a new Listening Project, called "The Great Unrated." The object here is to take all of my songs without a star rating and give them one. I've been working on it during casual listening at home (when I think to look at the recently played songs to see which were unrated), but haven't really put a dent in it. But since the regular iPod gives you the capacity to add or change a rating while listening, the opportunity was ripe.
  • One Song per Artist - A Musical Listening Project

    30 Apr 2008, 15:28 by JoeIsListening

    Starting next week, if I remember to do it, I will be starting on a listening project second only to my unannounced Unheard Music Project* of 2007 and any of the alphabetical listening binges that Soundtrekkie has been through.

    I decided to make a playlist that featured just one song by every artist in my iTunes. Well, almost every artist. I left off spoken word bits (although I should have included the classic Orson Welles Frozen Peas Spot), spoken word comedy** (the Woody Allen standup stuff I have isn't broken up into bits - it's four 20+ minute files), and Classical music, which isn't so much about the artist as the composer - plus, I didn't want to deal with 20 minute long pieces of music that I had to keep adjusting the volume on because of their dynamic range.

    I did allow field recordings, though, which means that Stephen P. McGreevy's recordings of Audible Auroras and The Conet Project's collection of Numbers Stations will be represented. …
  • Deserted Island Songs (With Unamusing Commentary)

    26 Nov 2007, 10:36 by CrumpledStar

    By popular demand (okay, one person), I have created my so-called Deserted Island playlist. I tried to keep it under an hour (and failed by six minutes) and 15 songs or less (failed by one). This took me all of twenty minutes, so hopefully it is not too terrible. In any case, were I trapped on a desert island with some kind of functioning music-playing device, these are the songs I wouldn't mind being stuck with. Although, really, were I actually on a deserted island, I'd have much bigger concerns than which Wilco song I like best. Have you noticed how pale I am? I'd have sunstroke within the hour. Sorry this is so long, by the way. You aren't expected to wade through any of it. Anyway, away we go.

    1. Roscoe by Midlake
    First up, we have my dear "Roscoe", the most played song on my iTunes and the subject of numerous inside jokes in my social circle. Tim Smith is the only man I know that can give the world's most sinister Death Glare while playing an enchanting flute solo (though not during this song, of course). …
  • 猥琐

    30 Apr 2007, 18:47 by iplacebo

    Woody Allen
    伍迪大叔你太猥瑣了,我們都愛著你,就像十五歲愛上那個小婊子一樣,她梳了兩個辮子,前額頭發絲齊,讓你整天想做點壞事。“Chapter One. He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Beneath his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat. I love this. New York was his town, and it always would be...”
  • 關于

    30 Apr 2007, 18:32 by iplacebo


    Woody Allen